Gilt Groupe IPO Likely, but Not Necessary: Peluso

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July 16 (Bloomberg) -- Michelle Peluso, CEO at Gilt Groupe, discusses the flash sales market, the company's mobile retail strategy and the prospects of an IPO. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Night that is not going to do flash sales anymore.

Is the model challenge?

The model is not at all challenge.

We've seen the strongest growth in the past few months we have seen in a while.

At the end of the day, people love a great deal.

They love luxury goods at a discount.

They will try to slow the pace of daily sales e-mails.

I think they're making a play towards personalization.

Some say there is a bubble out there.

Our share of it is still quite small.

A lot of competition for sure.

That keeps as passionate and focused on being the best we can be every day.

You are experiencing -- experimenting with brick and mortar.

Explain how this fits into this strategy.

We of the distribution center in louisville.

We decided to open a pop-up store.

We of great brands -- friends and employees.

It is doing well.

What have you learned?

The market is very large for people who want great deals.

We of surpassed expectations.

We will see.

Is the basic concept that they are not in new york city and you were bringing barney's fifth floor to them?

That is exactly it.

Everyone wants a great deal.

That market is very large.

We mentioned the number 40%. 40 percent of overall revenue comes from mobile.

I think that really goes to gopacte gilt he gilt promise.

You want something now and want something interesting.

This is really different.

We do not try to take the website and put it on the mobile device.

We do mobile-only sales.

Mobil is closest.

We do different times of day.

We let you try it on.

Features that work for the customer.

Hard to believe but ecommerce is now 20 years old.

What is it going to look like five years from now?

The pace of innovation has not slowed.

When you think about whether it is mobile and how people shop mobile or personalization, the pace of change will accelerate.

You came from a great job as citigroup.

What is the best practice you have brought to the internet from a firm like citigroup?

I have always been in the digital space.

It is that passion and spirit of entrepreneurship, and also massive scaling.

How we scale internationally.

20 percent if you consider japan are the sales that are international.

We continue to scale and grow and achieve profitability.

That is a big deal for us.

The scale and grow into an i.p.o.? we will see.

We have been told by many that we are other candidates.

We will see.

I think the nice thing is we do not need the cash.

You say an ipo is a likely outcome.

A distinction between doing an ipo in selling to a private equity group?

We just spoke to michael chasen.

Why do you need to go with an ugly, visible, i.p.o.? i think they both have pros and cons.

We will figure out what is very good for gilt.

We're starting to be a place where we are generating cash.

We do not need the infusion of cash to pursue.

What is the most expensive thing someone has bought on their mobile phone?

We sold $24,000 rolexes.

That was on sale.

My favorite was a volkswagen jet and 0.2 seconds on a mobile phone.

Why does no one smile and fashion magazines?

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