Gilder: This Is a Golden Age for Content

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August 5 (Bloomberg) -- Chairman of George Gilder Fund Management George Gilder discusses cable innovation and the future of technology with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

You talk about how technology is changing and you said this is going to happen a long time ago, the basic infrastructure around network tv and cable falling apart.

It's true.

Television is done.

If you have the best conduit, you want everybody's content.

If you have the best content, you wanted on everyone's conduit.

Combining the broadcasting function with particular channels is just going to die.

Yet it's part of the business model for the cable tv business.

We will let you have hbo, pay us for that, but you have to take tbs, tnt, seven versions of cnn because that's going to support the whole enterprise.

You think that falls apart.

But that falls apart with youtube, on the internet.

It falls apart with a whole array of new technologies that allow you to transmit more effect of leave, more timely, in 3-d, on any browser.

There is a company that can do that today.

Why you would want to be tied to some specific cable channel in a world of 3-d anorak did gaming capabilities on any browser, your iphone , any other android.

At the expense of the best content, whether it is "the washington post," "true blood" on hbo, you need a certain scale to paper those kinds of things.

That's right.

What you're seeing is a vast expansion of the sale and the multiplicity of the use of all of these forms of content.

I think this is a golden age for contents.

It's a golden age for technology.

As a result of the digital resident -- a revolution, this is the consummation of profitable contents.

Why is it happening now?

It sort of amazing this is happening on the recent months where you have area oh, cbs -- aereo.

There telling their customers not to go there to watch something.

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