How Harley-Davidson Is Shifting Gears at 110

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Aug. 20 (Bloomberg) –Matt Miller reports on Harley-Davidson turning 110 years old and the iconic brand’s efforts to appeal to a female demoographic. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Of the highlights.

There are some interesting things to talk about.

Obviously, it is an iconic brand here in the u.s. it is facing more and more competition.

Those of bikes are gorgeous and still rolling as far as the hog class.

Ducati has made a cruiser that has more torque and a lots of guys are translating over and writing those.

Sarah is an indian fan and she loves those cheese, the red ones with the saddlebags on the back.

Isn't that a strategy to appeal to women?

Bikes harley is doing more to appeal to women.

How is that it was just heavy metal and rubber.

They have antilock brakes now.

I think of a harley as a bike that uses carburetors.

Fuel injections are a great example.

We give our customers choice and they have migrated.

It makes a better motorcycle.

Now we have launched twin cooling on some of our high-end models to give customers the experience of a higher performing engine.

We expect it will migrate in that direction but they could still have the choice as well.

I think of a manly motorcycle . it is not digital.

Women are much smarter than men so they want a safer machine that is easier to control and doesn't break down all the time.

This is one of the demographics that harley is appealing to, getting more women into motorcycles.

They are getting more minorities interested in motorcycles.

They are reaching out and have been very successful in getting the outreach customer to buy better bikes even faster than the poor customers.

In 2012, we grew every outreach segment faster.

Obviously, our investment in international is playing a huge role and we're doing that through great motorcycles.

More importantly, understanding what people are looking for and what we can deliver as a brand.

We are bringing that into the retail environment.

We drive out on our hogs, we may see sara eisen and trish regan hanging out of their already because harley has been so good at selling these bikes.

Even if she doesn't buy a hog that she just buys the shares, she will be a happy girl.

That is true.

If you are going to get a hog, what color?

What do they make them in pink?

I am sure.

Anything you want.

We can have currencies airbrushed for you.

That would make my day.

On a field of pink.

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