Germany's 14-Year World Cup Plan Destroyed Brazil

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July 9 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Businessweek’s Brendan Greeley discusses the German elimination of Brazil in the 2014 World Cup. he speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)


You were in germany not that long ago.

But i was in brazil not that long ago.

Brazil is not just missing its best player, but its sole right now.

We think about sports as a way to compare countries.

It a lot -- it is less bloody in those cases.

In this case, that is absolutely true.

Germany has been training for 14 years and has been training players and fining players in a very comprehensive way to get these results.

They came up the field with a speed i have never witnessed.

Is it original to germany, or mirroring some other formal of dutch formula that has worked?

-- or mirroring some other formula that has worked?

The number of players that were paid well in beasley joe.

They lost in the first round.

They all thought, we need to fix this.

How will we fix this?

They came up with a very non-german answer -- we need talent.

In the past, it was brazil it had this amazing wellspring of talent.

Germany thought, we only have 180 million people.

We will find absolutely everyone of them that can kick a ball.

Since 2002, there have been youth academies all over the country.

England has 1200 license coaches.

Germany has 28,000. the political ramifications for brazil.

They have to regroup for years after the world cup.

What do you think will be the societal impact?

I think that the loss was so lopsided, when i was down there, everyone was not taking it out on brazil.

The team was performing so breath -- so badly that i think they will get a pass.

It was so abysmal that it cannot have been anyone's fault but theirs.

Is anyone drawing and economic parallel here?

If you look at the way germany planned and trained and organized this, does it say something about german culture versus brazil?

There are two ways to go about this.

One is you find your talent and the others -- the other is you grow it.

We know that germany is going to win that contest against premature anybody.

-- pretty much anybody.

Back in the day, i give this to adam johnson, comparing princeton lacrosse to syracuse.

It was all about playing a slow, methodical, planned out game.

And syracuse had wild animals racing up and down the field.

Which is what you've seen from brazil.

I was stunned, and to your point, it was so tight.

Yesterday in much of the game, the german players were in 1520 feet of each other -- 15-20 feet of each other and popping the ball back and forth.

Germany played methodically

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