Genband Buys Fring's Mobile IP Service in $50M Deal

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Sept. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Roy Timor-Rousso, CEO at Fring, explains his company's services to Elliott Gotkine and the benefit to the business as it completes a deal to be purchased by Genband. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "The Pulse."

They did not officially release the numbers, but the ceo is joining us this morning.

What is in it for genband?

We have the strategy to go to the carriers and offer their services.

It is in line with our strategy which is voice over ip.

The combination of those companies generate opportunity for us to grow our business and benefit from the scalability.

When we talk about voice over internet, we think of skype or vivo.

Fring was originated from a consumer voice over ip client.

What we have done is upgraded ourselves into position.

With a regular wireless network -- i can speak to you whether you are offering news or not.

Either a wireline or wireless as well.

A lot of these services, skype can do certain things.

What can you do that these guys can't? we can provide our client communication network for other service providers.

Previously, they would not be able to.

Announcing a deal next week.

Back to you.

All years on that one.

Joining us from tel aviv.

We will take a brief -- a break, but after that, hello, kitty.

One little cat has made one man very rich.


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