NSA's Alexander: Snowden Is Working for Someone

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June 3 (Bloomberg) -- Former NSA Director Gen. Keith Alexander gives his views on Edward Snowden. He speaks with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)


Good to see you again.

Did you see the nbc interview with snowden, parts of it?

What is your reaction?

Number one, we have to ask them questions, more questions.

We need to drill into what he says.

Too often he is allowed to say something and no one questions the fax.

"i was a spy for a and b." was he a spy?

I just done that out.

I wish he had told me.

What i did not know was who he was a spy for.

Who does he say he was a spy for?

He says cia.

I do not believe for a minute that was true.

I think he has really changed things.

He says i had a sensitive assignment once.

All of a sudden that goes into "i was trained as a spy." that's not true.

Do you think he was trained to spy for someone else?

That is what the former kgb officer now and the united states said.

He is in russia.

He is clearly working with the fsb.

There is no way they would let him sit there -- his words, not mine -- sit there in russia without some level of cooperation.

Do you agree with that?

I absolutely do agree with that.

If you look at it, those are the issues people need to address.

Why is he doing this?

If in fact he is working for the russians right now, i guess the question is the timing.

When might he have started, in your view, a relationship with them?

We do not know the answer.

At least, i don't know the answer to that.

That is what we have to find out.

You can look at key events that go back.

-- several key events that go back.

The airport.

That is one.

What happens in hong kong?

What happens when he first met the reporters?

There is a series of those things.

They talk about that.

He sent messages in december, he did this in january.

When, how, what did he do?

And i think it is important to understand, he started taking stuff well before.

When you look at the time lines of what he was doing, it does not match up with the storyline.

If he started taking stuff, is this, do you think, as he claims a matter of his personal conviction that he felt he needed to do this from a personal level?

Or do you think it was taking things because someone was encouraging him, helping him along the way, promising something, some asylum down the road if he did do that?

I think some combination of what you're saying.

I do not know why he took it.

If his in tents was -- his intent was to eliminate these two programs, you need to documents.

He said, i brought it to the attention of officials.

We could not find one except for one e-mail.

Had nothing to do with him saying he had concerns.

It was about his issues on which course he was going.

Should the nsa have done more to have reached out to him?

Said but did you read the e-mail?


It had nothing to do with his concern over the programs.

It was, how do you break these different applications -- a statute, a policy.

Nothing to do with metadata.

So, you had no inkling?


General counsel reached out to him.

That was the key point.

That was in april.

He gave that issue in april.

He had taken most of the documents by then.

He had stolen everything by then, just about.

So, my comment is that was a gratuitous comment.

It had nothing -- it said nothing about metadata program.

How could he come up and say i am concerned about this for a gram i am not into and i have concern about this document i am not supposed to have?

Do you believe he is now or was a double agent?

I would not go so far as say double agent -- working for someone?

It seems odd.

If you look at what is going on here it doesn't it seem odd he could ask putin a question -- you are a great reporter.

Why didn't you call up putin and ask them a question?

Let me know if you get through.

How did snowden get through to ask the president of russia a question like that?

You think it was all planned?

Information ops.

That is where it is now.

The question is, when did it transition to that?

Is this something that fell into their lap?

We need to know more.

We need to find out.

That is the russians.

What about china?

Any other countries involved?

I do not see the indicators towards china.

I really don't. i see it more towards russia and where he ended up.

When you look at where he said he wanted to get to -- i am an army guy, but if you want to go from hawaii to venezuela, i am looking.

It is 3000 miles that way, or you can go 20,000 miles all around the world to get there.

Something is not right.

We will talk more about this.

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