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Aug. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Gemalto Chief Executive Officer Olivier Piou discusses earnings and impact of different regions on the company. He speaks with Jonathan Ferro on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)

And below expectations.

The results were below expectations.

They remain with the 2014 forecast in your of the stocks down 6%. what is the message to them?

We are there where people are skeptical.

It is mostly driven by asia and it is below a few unexpected things like and unlike trying document for travelers and some regulatory changes with operator billing that is not on the radar.

And then, you have currently affecting every company.

Overall, we are in good shape with profit on the year.

Going forward, security is in the news and you have the u.s. bank sacked with the data.

If data is stolen, how up to date our systems currently to make the data unusable?


You are right that you need corporate security and the ceo.

Together, we have companies and provide much better security.

It makes sure the access to the data and the people have the right to have access to it.

You have a combination that will make the data loop -- use less.

We have seen the acquisition and do we see you move more into the service side of the business ? can we see more in the coming year?

The movement is three or four years ago and you are correct.

[indiscernible] it is of old move and moves -- it is a bold move and moves that are being created.

On the other end, we will continue to do small acquisitions like we have always done.

This grows by new technologies and we are here addressing the enterprises.

We talked about the tension.

You see an increased a manned and the west and russia.

You spent most of your time -- where do you spend most of your time?

Very clearly, i spent more time than usual in the united states because what is coming is massive in the upcoming months.

You have a migration happening and securities today with most ceos in the red states.

You see a proximity technology that is happening with the operators and other players are interested in the equipment companies.

A lot of this is in the u.s.. want to take it back from the u.s. to the eurozone.

In the france -- in france, there is a lot of talk about reform.

It operates across the eurozone.

As a cheap destination executive, what do you want to see?

So, first, i need to correct the data.

Only a few percent of our business is in france.

I am a french citizen and i am interested in what happens to the country.

What is most important is the change that is happening.

There was a lot of enterprise-bashing and you have seen evolution that enterprise leads the economy and companies are not there just to employ.

They have to have business before they employ.

So, i think this is important in the political sphere, understanding how the economy works.

Thank you very much for joining us.

The chief executive.

Thank you for joining us.

Here are some companies on the move.

The vendee is heating up.

You have telecom italia offering 7 billion euros.

That 700 billion euros.

And then, an improved bid.

Vivendi says they will discuss the offers in a board meeting today.

A forecast.

The adjustment comes after mobile phone services push

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