GE Strengthens Alstom Bid Promising 1,000 New Jobs

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May 28 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Caroline Connan reports that General Electric Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Immelt strengthened the company’s offer for Alstom, promising that 1,000 French jobs will be created in the deal. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

We're getting reports they are promising to create 1,000 jobs in france.

That's right.

That is according to a report.

That was major concern from the french government.

Remember just a few weeks ago when president hollande said that the g.e. offer was not acceptable and he was demanding more guarantees in terms of jobs.

They are bringing the guarantees on the table.

The c.e.o. flew to france to meet with french lawmakers last night.

That was the major concern on the jobs front.

He said they would not be absorbed by g.e. we come to build.

We don't leave when times are tough.

I am quite confident that we can compete and win with our frefrpbl businesses.

The french government is saying that g.e. still needs to work on the rail.

Immelt said last night that could be part of the package selling their business.

He has his work cut out for him.

Siemens also spoke to lawmakers yesterday.

What did they have to say?

That is right.

It was the head of the french unit.

They have been pushing for a siemens bid.

It is very imparking lot about having the bid come forward.

According to -- where they would get siemens well unit.

In exchange for the energy asset.

Many analysts we have spoken to this paris said the french government is pushing for a siemens bid in order to get a better offer from g.e. to reassure french public opinion especially after the socialist party had a historical defeat last sunday in the european elections.

Back to you.

A lot of it sounds like political bluster.

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