GE Eyes France’s Alstom in $13B Deal

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April 24 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde reports on the possible deal between General Electric and Alstom for $13B to build an engineering powerhouse. She speaks to Anna Edwards and Mark Barton on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Industrial giant g.e. said to be eyeing up france's alstom.

If it does transpire, it looks like it would be a little bit of a surprise to alstom.

It would be.

They said we have not been informed of any bid yet.

They said they are constantly reviewing their strategic options.

Bloomberg spoke with a spokeswoman from alstom yesterday.

She said they are groundless rumors.

This would be g.e.'s biggest ever deal to go through.

It tried with honeywell a couple years ago and it didn't go through.

Many feel people familiar that they have been eyeing up alstom, building an engineering powerhouse.

The timing is right.

Economy is turning around.

The government wants to put money into rail and infrastructure.

This is something they are very good at.

Turbines, wind turbines.

Power transformers.

This is where the money is meant to be spent.

Money spent overseas means you don't have to repatriate it to pay taxes.

The timing looks good for alstom, doesn't it?

It went through a difficult financial crisis.

It did.

The shares are down.

There is plenty of competition from china, particularly when you look at wind turbines.

They are having to sell assets and cut costs.

They have a huge debt mountain.

This is not a company that has fared particularly well whereas g.e. is.

46% of their sales is in therm owe power.

1/3 in transport.

It is not a leader in many areas.

It is a leader in turbines for dams.

Everyone wants to be a top ranking company.

Novartis said you need to be one, two or three in what you're doing otherwise describe win or go home.

G.e. is very strong in locomotives already.

It would build on their experience.

We'll have to see whether it goes through.

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