Gazprom Raises Natural Gas Price for Ukraine

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April 1 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Ryan Chilcote reports on Gazprom raising its price for Ukraine to $385.50/KCM for natural gas. He speaks to Anna Edwards on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)


That is what they were paying in december.

They had a cheap first quarter thanks to a deal between russia and ukraine, aqua and viktor yanukovych was in power.

-- a deal when it viktor yanukovych was in power.

They have gotten rid of that discount of 1/3 and said ok, now you will pay $386, which happens to be the average amongst eu countries that consume russian gas.

What they have not done, and this is a diplomatic overture from the rushers, is hike it by yet another 1/3. there were two discounts in the price for the ukrainians.

One was the political one, the second was a discount that the russians gave the ukrainians because they parked their black sea fleet in crimea.

Crimea is now part of russia as far as the russians are concerned.

There's no reason to pay that discount.

He has suggested that they might also take back that discount.

Things could have been worse for ukraine than this?

That is correct.

Nonetheless, it will be painfully poor ukrainians.

Today, industry and ukraine will pay 29% more for their gas than they were.

This is an attempt by the ukrainian government to try to ramp up the money it gets that it needs to pay the russians, and on the first of next month, ukrainian households are going to spend 50% more than they are ready are.

Right now they're paying about $84 per 1000 cubic meters.

That is how you measure.

You probably use 2000 cubic meters of gas per year.

If you are ukrainian, you will be paying $170. you are probably paying fivefold that here in the mining -- in the united kingdom.

Gas and ukraine is heavily subsidized.

A big bone of contention with the imf.

They say ukrainians need to pay market prices despite the fact incomes are way behind anywhere else in europe.

The imf wants incomes to,. they said over -- we will see how businesses cope with that development.

Ryan chilcote with the latest on ukraine.

We will speak with the ceo of

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