Gazprom Preps as U.S. Hints of Further Sanctions

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April 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Ryan Chilcote reports on the possibility of further sanctions against Russia for actions in Ukraine on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”


Now, let's get you to what else we are watching today.

A conflict in ukraine escalates.

Ryan chilcote joins us with the very latest.

You are on sanctions watch.

Are we getting any closer?

We understand that gazprom is preparing for possible sanctions.

Quite possibly.

President obama is in asia at the moment on his asian tour.

We have just learned he is going to have a conference call with european leaders today.

To encourage them to go forward with sanctions.

One senior obama official telling us the united states is quite frankly frustrated with several european countries, particularly germany and italy which the u.s. sees as reluctant to impose more sanctions against russia.

This official telling us if the u.s. is unable to convince the europeans to go further, it may go it alone and impose these sanctions unilaterally.

That news comes following secretary kerry's comments yesterday where he said if russia fails to de-escalate the situation in the east of ukraine, then it will be a very expensive mistake.

Have a listen.

The window to change course is closing.

President putin and russia face a choice.

If russia chooses the path to de-escalation, the international community will welcome it.

If russia does not, the world will make sure that the cost for russia will only grow.

As president obama reiterated today, we are ready to act.

We have just heard from the russian foreign minister.

He said russia is prepared to act and to de-escalate but it has to be synchronized with ukrainians.

He wants to see the ukrainians take more measures before russia does its part.

Perhaps some conciliatory comments there.

It would be ideal from the u.s. point of view to have the europeans on board with further sanctions.

Do we have any idea about what these sanctions could be?

Francine was hinting at that earlier.

Gazprom bank, we have been told by treasury officials, is one bank that might be targeted.

We have spoken with gazprom bank and understand that gazprom bank, russia's third-largest lender, that they are preparing themselves for possible sanctions.

It is mostly a corporate lending bank that works with gazprom, the world's largest gas producer.

That is one possible target.

Another is russia's development bank.

During the financial crisis it was the bailout and that the government used to help some of russia's big businesses when they got in trouble.

Neither of these banks have real cachet with the russian population.

They are not really involved in consumer lending or deposit but they are systemically important to the russian banking system

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