Gazprom Demands Gas Payment From Ukraine

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June 10 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Ksenia Galouchko reports on Gazprom sticking to its deadline for Ukraine gas payments despite the progress in peace talks between Russia and Kiev. She speaks to Anna Edwards on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Said that it is not moving today's deadline for gas payments from ukraine.

That is even though talks between ukraine and russia have yielded progress.

For more, we are joined by our bloomberg news reporter.

Gazprom sticking to this tough stance with ukraine despite some diplomatic breakthroughs.

That is correct.

We spoke to a gazprom spokesman in the past hour and he said that the deadline will not be moved.

In fact, he said it has been moved already by one day because the deadline was technically yesterday for the payment.

Obviously, this remains a deadlock.

And the european powers seem to be doing everything in their power to broker this agreement to help ukraine and russia come to an agreement.

Does there seem to be a sense in other areas that russia is willing to cooperate with the new ukrainian government?

That is the sense.

The markets have rallied on that.

The russian markets.

The russian stock market reached bull market levels last week, on friday, because putin met poroshenko for the first time and they actually had a conversation.

The talks are proceeding and there is progress there.

Russia is definitely willing to talk to ukraine now.

The rhetoric has changed.

Just remind us how important it is that these gas talks between gazprom and ukraine bring results.

How important is it to both parties?

It is important for both parties, but it is also very important for the european union because the gas supply from russia through ukraine are responsible for 15% of the eu gas supply, so it is a very important deal.

That is why the talks are happening in brussels.

They are supposed to continue at

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