White House Sees Turning Point in Syria Campaign

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Sept. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Julianna Goldman updates the latest news on the Administration's lobbying congress for a strike on Syria. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)


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? good morning, it is wednesday, september 4. president obama will hold a news conference in stockholm, sweden, in just about 30 minutes from now.

He will be speaking about climate change, but of course, it will be dominated by the uncertainty over action against syria.

Stay with bloomberg television to hear what the president has to say.

In the meantime, we have all the other top stories covered for you.

Julianna goldman is in washington with more details on day no.

2 over the fight for congressional support over the obama resolution demanding strikes in syria, all of this happening one day before the g- 20 meeting kicks off.

Hans nichols is in st.

Petersburg, russia, and of the president's arrival there.

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Matt miller covers the automobile sector for us, telling us why automakers should be doing better as you prepare for the sales package to be released later today.

But first in washington, top administration officials go back to capitol hill for a second day of testimony pushing for a move on strikes in syria.

Julianna goldman joins us now.

How is the white house dealing with official administrate -- administration officials?

Has the convince them to support on a strike?

They are feeling better this morning than they were yesterday, largely because of this year and other happenings at the white house yesterday.

John kerry, who used to be its share of the foreign relations committee told his former colleagues that the risk of not acting is greater than the risk of acting.

He appeared before the committee along with chuck a goal and the joint chiefs of staff.

They promised that a strike would degrade the capabilities under assad and send a powerful message that it would not just to be cosmetic, but also that it would not drag the u.s. into another open-ended war in the middle east.

Their main are met -- argument is that america is at risk due to use of chemical weapons and that if it -- if america fails to act it will show nuclear weakness to other countries.

Like iran and north korea.

Here is one of the exchange's he had with rand paul.

Let's if the united states of america does that do this, senator, is it more or less likely that he does it again?

Want to answer that question?

I do not think that is known.

I think it is unknown.

Senator, it is not unknown.

If the united states of america does not hold him accountable on this with our allies and friends, it is a guarantee that he will do it again.

A guarantee.

You expect to see some of the heated debate like that today on the house side.

The president will not be getting the backing of rand paul, but he did get critical support after day in the house with a are expecting the biggest fight.

John boehner came out of his meeting and said he would support the resolution.

Of course, eric cantor also came out with a statement saying the same thing, which was a real turning point in the debate.

? does the white house think that that will bring others along -- does the white house think that that will bring others along?

Nothing the speaker brainer -- speaker boehner is assured, there is a lot of work to be done as the lobbying campaign is only going to intensify.

They will also need nancy pelosi to get support from democrats as well.

The president, traveling overseas now, what does he do next?

This will be an intense lobbying campaign.

He needs to keep working the phone from overseas.

Yesterday, before they left for sweden, they helped to craft a communications strategy be.

One thing that you can expect is an education campaign, the president will be looking for any and all opportunities to tell the american people why a strike against syria is in u.s. national interests.

You did see a speech from the president once he returns from russia and before there is a vote in congress.

Nothing has been decided.

Thank you so much, julianna goldman.

As the president and his deputies are gathering support for syria plans, president obama is headed to sweeten the head of the g-20 summit this weekend.

He will be holding a joint press conference with the swedish prime minister shortly.

Hans nichols joins us from st.


The shadow of a military strike now hangs over this meeting.

That is absolutely right.

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