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Sept. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Driscoll Advisors' Marie Driscoll discusses the August retail sales data released today with Julie Hyman on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

The retail industry has been struggling especially when it comes to apparel.

We saw that with retail sales and we saw from although second quarter earnings reports.

How are things looking now that we are getting into the fall?

It does not look that pressing.

Most of the retailers were pretty subdued in their forward looking second half outlook.

Companies best positioned are those that are delivering to the consumer from an o mnichannel point of view.

Selling through a multiple of channels.

With mobile and ipad vice, if you can get where the consumer is, you have a better chance.

Who is doing that most excessively right now?

Gap is doing it better than i thought they would.

I am impressed with the traction they are making around the world.

And you have macy's, they are doing a great job.

And nordstrom's is doing well to.

Going in, one of the trends we had seen his consumers were buying cars, buying devices and they were buying these big ticket items but not necessarily buying clothing.

What is going to make that change?

There really is not a strong trend in apparel.

The best rants i think are the sports brands.

There is another reason to buy them.


They help your performance or so we believe.

Would you be looking at -- does lulu fall into that category?

Lulu would fall into that.

They fall into that category.

Accessories are still strong.

Footwear and handbags, fashion jewelry.

What is going to be the big push going into the holiday season, which somehow is closer now.


I think because retailers are more washes, they're going to be more emotional, you will have gap doing national tv.

Jc pennies is back in the game, they have some strong brands.

More promotions, better for you and me.

Not so good for the earnings.

We will see some margin compression.

I think so.

Marie driscoll, thank you for talking retail with us.

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