Galaxy Gear Is a Bit of a Sideshow: Hawtin

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Sept. 5 (Bloomberg) -- GAM's Mark Hawtin discusses the top stories in tech with Anna Edwards on Bloomberg Television's "Countdown." (Source: Bloomberg)

This smart watch.

Is it a date game changer for the -- a big game changer for the sector for stamp on -- samsung?

It's a bit of a sideshow.

There is going to be some interest, but it will have no real impact on the smartphone.

Estimates range from about one billion units of smartphones, and they think the number of herbal tech elegy devices will read something like 75 million.

It will not make a difference.

There are a lot of assets around this.

Sony has had a smart watch.

Do we think others are working on this idea?

Even if it is not that realistic, is it whereby any ring activity is happening at the moment?

Rex wearable technology -- at the moment?

Where a bell -- wearable technology has a moment.

Were going to probably get the announcement next week.

There is this movement to general technology.

What are we expecting from apple?

You own apple shares, don't you?

We feel they got very undervalued.

Structurally one does not want to necessarily own the device is any longer.

Now i think it is about what they do, but apple got very cheap.

We owned it for that reason.

Who do you buy if you are into the technology experience ? there are so many companies and individuals who design atpps.

Who do you buy into?

Some of the big names like google and amazon are the biggest holders, so they represent the service providers, and another way we look at it is the supply chain.

Which companies in a fit from the trend more generally -- in a fit -- benefit from the trend, and you have to store it on the device it self and akin to us server.

-- back onto a server.

A good way to bring in microsoft and nokia.

Do you see that?

They saw their shares move slightly higher at the time of the announcement.

How did you assess the deal?

I think it was a death writ moves on microsoft -- desperate move on microsoft's part.

They had a pretty good relationship with nokia, and i did not see why they needed to acquire them.

It is tied up with the position of the ceo.

I have to believe this was in order to take that job.

He would or have insist microsoft look at holding nokia.

You have not come to that conclusion.

I keep giving them a second and third, so when they launched their own service product in the tablet world, i thought this might the and opportunity.

It turned out to be a massive flop.

They had enough chances in my opinion.

Vodafone is slipping away from horizon one.

Vodafone deciding to get further into cable and things that are more fixed on the ground.

The biggest problem is quality of service.

You cannot get the quality via the wireless net works.

To carry that data between physical point is an important part of the game.

That's why they are taking that route.

They are interesting acquisition targets.

Where do you see them looking for asset?

We never invest purely as a takeover target.

We have a number of companies that have been taken over.

Vodafone is in an interesting position.

This is much better off.

That would allow it to invest in it network.

They have not got the revenues to support this investment.

Vodafone is in a position to do that.

If they can invest and drive a better quality network, that will drive a turn in their

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