Samsung Galaxy Gear a Must-Have Watch: Blair

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Sept. 4 (Bloomberg) –- Wedge Partners’ Brian Blair discusses Samsung’s new Galaxy Gear wristwatch device after receiving a demo. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Objectives down the road.

There was concern about the use of american force, some of that reflected.

There was john boehner and eric cantor.

There are liberal democrats and conservative republicans who are already saying they cannot support any sort of resolution, but right now again, the sales pitch continues on the house side.

The senate?

The senate is in the same condition.

John kerry testified there yesterday, and we have the senate reform committee scheduled to go back into session in just a short time, top of the hour.

2:00. they will vote on the resolution.

The language has been changed from what the president proposed, and the chairman of that panel, robert menendez of new jersey, says he believes there will be a successful committee vote to put that out of committee and to the senate for full senate consideration next week, but there are some westerns about the language.

Senator john mccain was initially saying he could not support this resolution, but there could be some changes to get him onboard.

He will be a crucial vote for the president, and there are more in the house and senate.

All right, our chief washington correspondent, peter cook.



-- thank you.

And we just got a look at the first galaxy dear smart watch, -- galaxy gear smar twatch, and they also unveiled a tablet.

Joining me from new york right now is brian blair, who covers samsung.

Ryan, what is your take on everything that has been unveiled today?

Ok, so the main thing is this galaxy gear.

I just got a demo of it five minutes ago, and it was impressive.

I was not expecting to see such an elegant screen.

Finished aluminum.

What is really impressive is the super screen on the device.

It definitely has a wow factor, very bright, and a touchscreen, very smooth as you use it.

It syncs with the new note three.

It is definitely an impressive device that people are going to want to watch.

I actually where the pebble watch, and it feels like it is 10 years old compared with what samsung has done with its galaxy gear.

It is something people will have to see to really understand.

They announced their galaxy three tablet.

It is a little thinner and lighter.

They put a leather back on it.

They are really emphasizing the craftsmanship.

There is some hand stitching.

But that is not the story.

Galaxy gear, a very strong entrant into this smartwatch category, and i think people will be impressed when they see it.

What do you think when you see it?

He said he thought it would be a fashion icon.

What do you think?

Unlike google glass, this is much less obtrusive, and unlike google glass, which is right in your face, very much a nerdy look, having a watch and some technology on your watch i think is much more acceptable, so i think it will be more of a fashion accessory.

Among tech aficionados, i think so.

I want one.

What do you think of using these products together as a suite?

Bringing the devices together, to use the watch with the tablet.

Is that something that is going to happen, or will people want this watch independently?

Look, what they are doing is very smart.

Right out of the gate, the galaxy gear is made to walk -- made to work together.

It is an ecosystem.

You have the watch, the tablet, and then they are also showing a new 10 inch tablet, and the three of these are meant to work together in tandem.

At the end of the day, there are a lot of people who do not use samsung products, so they do need to make that work eventually with other products, but this is good enough that people are going to want this as a stand-alone product, and i think it is great for samsung out of the gate to make it a companion product.

Is that an affordable price?

I have not heard yet.

All i have heard so far is that it will be globally available in 149 countries on september 25. i have not heard yet.

They may be announcing pricing now.

It is under $300, it is going to be a big seller.

If it is over $300, i think the volume will be a little light until they get the price down.

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