Gabrielle Giffords' Husband on GA Gun Legislation

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March 27 (Bloomberg) -- Captain Mark Kelly, a former astronaut and husband of former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, discusses Georgia's controversial gun legislation with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Close to home.

We have seen 21 states passing laws expanding the rights of gun owners over the past year.

What is your take on what georgia is intending to do?

I only say that gabby and i are strong supporters of the second amendment.

This bill, the one that is about to be signed, it does not look at gun ownership in a responsible manner.

Somebody at the world's busiest airport can get through security with a gun and if he has a concealed permit, all he has to do is tell tsa that he has a hermit.

He doesn't have to show it.

He can leave.

If you want to bring a gun aboard an airplane, where will you do it?

These are not responsible steps.

The bill actually puts georgia far out there on the extreme of where gun rights intersect non-responsible gun ownership.

The restaurant association is very upset.

You can bring a gun into a bar.

You should not be able to drink if you have a gun in a bar, but somehow, i would think that the combination of alcohol and firearms is not the best thing.

You can understand why the restaurant association would be opposed to it.

Small business owners should be really concerned.

Alcohol and gods usually not the best combination.

You add in a student on a college campus.

That was part of the bill as well.

Thanks to our membership calling the governor and writing letters and responding to what the legislator was about to do, at least we got that provision removed along with the provision to bring guns into churches.

That was part of the original bill.

The business community is not happy.

The community in georgia overall does not seem to be some order but this.

I am quoting the atlanta journal, duchenne whole -- constitution poll who do not like this.

They are opposed to the bill.

The governor still intends to sign this?

I think so.

We are being told he will sign it into law.

But shows the power of the gun lobby.

They have an enormous amount of influence.

In georgia and in the we have to bring some balance to this issue.

Fortunately, we were able to get the provision that allows guns on college campuses and in churches removed from that law.

Do you think business can play a role here in terms of influencing change?

In arizona, the business community rallied together and was able to force the governor not to sign anti-gay discrimination bill.

Will we see something similar in georgia?

Business leaders are pragmatic people.

They can look at a problem and find a sensible illusion.

That solution.

They can hold their elected officials and governor accountable or these actions will they can ask them to stand with 70% of georgians who thought the main provisions of this will work a bad idea.

Before i let you go, i know you are a twin.

I am the mother of twins.

I find twin relationships interesting.

You are embarking on a very interesting experience with your twin brother stop you will be on the ground as he goes up into -- you will be up in space as he stays on the ground or vice versa?

My brother will be up in space for a year.

He is an astronaut and he will bend one year on the international space station.

I used to be an and i flew in space four times.

All of my flights were on the space shuttle.

They will look at some science, especially genetic changes that occur to him while he is in space.

I will be the guinea pig on the ground.

We look forward to that.

Thank you very much for joining us.

Coming up, the ncaa will pull it

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