A Takeover Offer Barnes & Noble Can’t Refuse?

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Feb. 21 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman reports on G Asset Management’s proposal to acquire 51% of Barnes & Noble for $22/share. He speaks to Carol Massar on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Involving barnes&noble.

Where is it likely toped up?

I think it depends on whether this investor, which has been a barnes&noble shareholder, has the means to actually make this happen, if push came to shove.

I think a lot of people viewed this as perhaps giving a little push to barnes & noble to think about its future.

One part of the story is the offer for a controlling stake and then the other, which is presented as an alternative, is to take controlling stake in barnes & noble's nook business.

On that front, if you think about what the nook has been able to do for barnes & noble, on some levels it's kept it relevant.

On the other side it's been a crash trape.

The nook is going up against apple and amazon and samsung so there are ultimately some big questions about does it need to be part of barnes & noble?

Would it be better served as an independent company where perhaps could you see even more money come into the business.

Week of seen microsoft investor over the year, so they can take a better run at being a relevant player in that area.

Investors got excited about this news.

I think they're thinking maybe something will happen when it comes to the b&n asset.

What's the time line on this?

Is time running out here for barnes& noble?

I think they are still in a position through their book stores, despite all the challenges and the competitive landscape, and the success of companies like amazon, through their book stores to have enough cash to continue with their operations.

In fact, it is the book stores themselves that were early on the real way that they could finance that nook business.

And so the timeline really depends on ultimately what the shareholders behind the company want to do.

I think though, if you look at the competitive landscape right now, it is a challenging time and staying relevant through this nook business is one way that they've been able to sort of stay in that game, if you will.

About 20 seconds here.

Any chance there's anybody else interested, parties, that might come in to talk to barnes & noble at this point?

I think, a, depends on whether or not the board truly feels that this is an offer that can be backed up by a real financial bid.

And then the number two part is, where would the interest be?

Would there be interest from others, for example, in buying the entire company?

Or would there be some interest in others putting money into the nook business?

If that were the case, then maybe the second part of this offer that's on the table actually has some significant legs to it.

Good stuff.

Thank you.

We appreciate it.

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