G-7 Spares Russia New Sanctions, Urges Diplomacy

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June 5 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Hans Nichols reports on the latest from the G-7 Summit including a warning for Russia about new sanctions, however, leaders could not agree on what might trigger them. He speaks to Mark Barton on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Hans nichols is in brussels.

Good morning.

These are yellow lights but no firm red lights, warnings from the g7. there was a dinner meeting here in brussels and there was a fair amount of disagreement on what the triggers would be for a third round of sanctions, whether they continue on individuals or you do sec boreal sanctions.

At the same time, mr.

Putin is heading to paris later tomorrow for conversations with several leaders and he accused the u.s. of being the aggressive one.

The country with the most aggressive international policy to protect its interest are the united states.

Russia has almost no military presence abroad but there are american bases everywhere.

Wherever they go, they decide the fate of other people far from their borders.

It was a fascinating interview that he gave with a french station.

At times he was quite conciliatory.

He appears to be looking for ways to leverage the temperature on this.

He will have that opportunity in paris on friday.

He has meetings planned with francois hollande, angela merkel, and david cameron.

The white house wanted to isolate mr.

Putin yet he has these series of meetings and he can have his case on what he plans to do in ukraine.

Will obama and putin have their own separate meeting or not?

The official line from the white house is that no meeting has been planned.

There will be numerous opportunities for asides.

Do they have a brief conversation that turns into something substantiative?

They will be in normandy on friday.

Plenty of opportunity.

The question is how long the conversation will be.

Doesn't qualify as a meeting?

I suspect that president obama will find the opportunity to pull vladimir putin aside and potentially warn him.

The interesting thing here, mark, the status quo of russian troops and crimea seems to be accepted.

There will be no additional action to push them out of crimea.

All the talk of triggers are what russia does in the future in eastern ukraine.

Hans nichols, international

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