Future Forward: How to Regulate Connected Cars

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Feb. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Matt Miller looks at the future of connected cars. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

This work?

It sounds futuristic but it's not that far of a reach from what cars already do.

Most manufacturers have systems in place that will allow you to set your cruise control and regulate how far away you are from the car in front of you.

Everyone has gps these days.

These are technologies that we are used to.

It would be a good thing in that it would help you to avoid traffic.

Even better, it could help you avoid accidents.

For me, it raises all kinds of question about how much is the government or the car manufacturer or the nsa going to know about where my car is and how fast i am driving?

It seems like a slippery slope.

It's interesting to come out of after the breaking news story out of washington.

That probably helps them fight terrorism but there is a real concern about how present braid brother is in your car.

Protesters say this could make a car more vulnerable to hacking.

There is a study that shows this could prevent 80% of crashes.

When the driver is lose it, this could prevent 80% of crashes?

It's interesting that the carmakers are already rushing ahead with these technologies.

The sensors that help you back up in part that are were not bump into something and alert you -- in the automobile industry, is there a certain kind of experience or technology they can think of as a tipping point where it goes from alerting the driver to actually driving?

There is a utopian vision that this system will reduce traffic.

I hope to have that system in place or it.

They also have the technology for it to drive itself.

Google has people, at least 20 people, who are taking self driving cars to work every day.

I wrote in a cadillac at the gm proving grounds in michigan a few months ago that just drove itself around an oval track.

It would even slow down of theirs and other car in front of me or change lanes.

The only concern is who will know all the stuff about where i am and how i am driving?

Do you want someone to know all of that stuff?

You want to escape from someplace.

Only you would be escaping.

That hearing is happening in washington today.

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