Fundamentals, Pressure Pushing Down on Gold: Bauer

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Aug. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Scott Bauer, senior market strategist at Trading Advantage, and Bloomberg’s Ken Hoffman discuss fluctuations in the price of gold on today’s “Future In Focus” on “In The Loop.”

-- gold futures are falling.

Scott bauer, senior market strategist at trading --. what is going on with gold?

There has been so much geopolitical risk and it has not moved much.

Why is it so -- among all this cause for concern?

It has been in such a tight range.

You have geopolitical tensions which move it up.

What we have learned this china, a huge buyer of gold last year, as soon as go got above 1300, they started stepping away.

India is coming back.

China has stepped away and that has been a surprise.

The demand side coming out of asia has taken a little pressure off.

Six months in a row where chinese demand has dropped.

Last year, it was to the moon.

Speaking of mont, i think of gold as the chinese new year live in gift.

How would you be trading gold right now?

It is in a very tight range.

It is not a bad thing.

When volatility gets high, when tensions get high, gives traders an opportunity.

In the short run, i am a seller of gold in this range.

In the longer run, all the fundamentals point downward.

Every pressure that is out there is downward.

The only thing keeping cold up above 1300 is the thought of geopolitical tension.

With the cease-fire in the mideast, we will see what happens.

If we get towards the end of this week and that takes hold and we have not seen anything further in ukraine and russia, i would expect to see gold under 1300. in the longer run, 1325, a great place to sell a. i am looking at 1250 in the next two to three months.

It is trading at about 13 hundred seven -- 1307 dollars.

Again, a very range bound situation.

Scott says that all of the phenomenal for gold are downward . do you agree with that?

Coming in this poll, singapore will open a gold traded contract.

A lot of people are excited.

You could see a lot of gold demand out of singapore.

Quite a few more contracts in asia to trade gold.

Whenever asia increase the contract, volatility has gone up.

As they introduce these things later this year, you could see an upside to gold if you are bullish, because they will buy it.

We have a word of the week.

When futures are trading higher, we hear spot future.

What does that refer to?

The spot month is october.

Gold does not trade every single month.

It has a contract month, which is october.

People like to look to where the volume is.

If you are trading gold, you are trading december.

To those spot contracts have volatility?

They are all about the same.

People are looking for if asia comes in, december will be the hot month.

Where is the.

The price of gold?

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