Frozen Is a `Gigantic’ Success: Disney’s Horn

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April 22 (Bloomberg) -- Walt Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn discusses the success of “Frozen” with Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

This movie.

I will say it has been a phenomenal success.

The highest grossing film in number six of all time.

This is a gigantic success.

There has been millions of albums sold.

Number one on the charts.

Have you seen it by the way?

Can you get that song out of your head?

You have done it before.

You going to make a sequel?

We have not talked about a sequel because we announced we are making a broadway show in new york.

We have the music and just need four or five new songs.

We will write those songs.

We have not talked about a sequel, although i do have a title for a sequel, which was not embraced, "thaw." i am so glad you picked the form to reveal the plot specifics of the star wars film.

You headed to london to look at star wars i have learned to be very careful about star wars.

If i say, for example, that there will not be skateboards in star wars then the internet says sam starr boards -- skateboards for star wars.

It is like a headline.

Even something that does not happen gets news.

I am being very careful.

We really cannot talk about it yet but we will be very soon.

You have all the confidence in the world in the direct or.

We are in very good shape.

There will be no skateboards?

[laughter] you did say recently the casting is almost done.

An update on that, is casting now complete?

Almost complete.

We will be very shortly announcing what we're doing.

Hugh had said shooting had started.

We did some work and although dobby -- some work in abu dhabi because we had to go to different places to film it to give us the right look and feel.

We did have second unit work shooting already.

Primary location in the u.k. and another location you have been using?


When you take all of the movies, the big movies and global audiences available to you today, a larger number of people than ever, should we assume that helps to offset an industry source bot like declining dvd revenue?

Getting an estimate of what it will generate from each of the revenue sources.

The dvd component of the revenue stream has been cut in half.

We know dvds have been a tough market.

We know cd sales have struggled.

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