From Brooklyn to Beijing: Nets CEO Yormark

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Sept. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Brooklyn Nets CEO Brett Yormark discusses the baskeball team's move to Brooklyn's Barclays Center. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

Exponentially since mikell program off bought it -- miguel cotto croft bought it three-plus years ago.

We were top five in ticket revenue, top four in merchandise.

The move has been transformational, not only from a product standpoint, but a business standpoint.

We have some of the best brands working with us.

You made some big trades this summer.

What is in store?

We are on a championship journey.

That is what it comes down to.

We are in the conversation of four or five teams where if things work out the right way, we stay healthy, we can create that chemistry, we have a chance to win a championship.

Nothing is guaranteed in life, but to be part of that conversation is special and we are very humble about it because we are not far removed from the 13-when season.

We are obviously excited about it, but we are cautiously optimistic.

Honestly, with the championship caliber and pedigree players we brought here with garnett, pie rce and terry, this is our moment.

You are a global team with a russian owner.

Can the berkeley center, the new york mets, engage -- the brooklyn nets engage a whole country like china?

I just returned from china with kevin garnett.

He signed a deal with one of the biggest chinese sneaker companies.

We hosted 30 ceo's for dinner while he was in town.

Any of our games will be televised in china.

What is going on in china with the nba is incredible.

The nba has done a wonderful job putting a brand even though the product does not exist there.

They play exhibition games, but they get it to a mobile device or watching games that are broadcast in china.

We will be a featured team.

Our merchandise is found everywhere.

People are wearing brooklyn.

Yes, we can have a viable business in china and it is something i am working towards.

Could beijing consider brooklyn to be their home team?

I tell them it is from brooklyn to beijing.

We want to be the home team.

We want to be the home team in russia.

We do have global aspirations.

With the star power we have, especially when you speak to russia, we have the direct connect to those consumers and now we have to leverage it.

Sara eisen, you do not have

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