French Telecom War Builds as Industry Consolidation

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March 10 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Matthew Campbell reports on the moves in the French telecom industry on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.”

Who has the upper hand?

We see a takeover battle between the two companies and the cable operator in france.

The deal is for them to sell a chunk of the network to iliad.

They are merging and it is taking the number of mobile operators to three.

They have come out and said that they are going to sell the network assets to iliad to make them stronger in the event of the number going down.

This is positioning to get vivendi's attention to say that they can make it happen.

Will be successful in the efforts to get rid of what we are seeing?

Sfr has gone from being a cash cow to being seen as a big problem for them in the french telecom market that is quite unstable and facing some of the same issues in other countries.

Iliad is an aggressive competitor with downward pressure on pricing.

Vivendi has three options for sfr and the original plan to spin off to shareholders.

Things look good for a company that has not had good news in the last few years.

We will get a lot of mergers and acquisitions in the sector.

What does this mean for the companies abroad?

We have vodafone trying to acquire a spanish cable company as part of a trend of mobile operators buying assets at a fixed line . what is also interesting is the large-scale european countries.

Most countries have a full-service mobile operator and if you talk to people in the industry, most cannot get a stable number going forward.

If that can be done in france and in germany, where telefonica and kpmg are trying to merge, certainly italy, the u.k., spain, other countries are working hard to see if they can go from four to three.

The very latest on mergers and acquisition in the telecom sector.

We are back with a look at how the european markets are doing.

We are seeing pressure and look at that.

We have a reverse on the cac 40. iliad is one that we're watching and is gaining.

This is a picture for the dax.

It is down 0.3% and there is pressure following a chinese data report that shows that exports slumped.

U.s. futures are up.

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