French Startups on Leading Edge of Tech for 2014

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Dec. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Jeff Clavier, founder and managing partner at SoftTech, talks about the tech startup climate in France on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

Nation in the market that you think is going to be the hot topic for the next 12 months?

As far as i'm concerned, the ability to put a lot of those vertical industries in the cloud and take advantage of the economic savings and flexibility is really one of the key elements that i expect for the next 12 months.

A company we back is actually the developing something for the farming world.

We put cows in the cloud and we have 177 cows over there.

It is fascinating what sort of technology and better business practices farmers can do in terms of margin predictability.

It is just one example of many of those developments we expect to see.

Give me a sense for example, you have invested in something recently.

Are you looking at other types of companies like this?

This is a hardware device, right?

Is this a niche you want to be more present in?

I was the key investor and invested five years ago.

Those two guys came to me with a prototype like this saying, we're going to revolutionize the world of wellness.

It will give people a much better sense of their level of activity and calories burned.

They can get a better handle on their health.

That turned into what i have here on my wrist.

It is very very successful.

We have done a few of those.

More recently, we are invested in something that happens to be programmed by your cell phone.

Most recently, we got this company called coin which is a programmable credit card.

It is like a computer in the size and shape of a credit card.

We had a pre-order campaign a few weeks ago in the u.s.. it was one of the most successful campaigns in history.

We really sort of are keen about those mass-market appeal type of devices and expect to do many more of those.

Talk to me a little bit more about the credit card.

It is basically the size of a small tablet?

How do you use it?

Sorry, the scope for what?

What you were talking about, the credit card that you just invested in.

Oh yeah, sorry.

The scope is, you have an average of four to six arctic arts in your wallet.

You have a number of loyalty cards.

What we will do is scan all of those cards and suddenly you have one card in that while it which will be programmed to react like any of your credit cards.

We take that sort of messy situation with several cars and replace it with one device.

Many people expected that the cell phone would be the payment device that you can use that actually it hasn't materialized.

We think that having something which has the phone factor, the size and shape of a credit card so you can run it through an atm machine, use it at a payment terminal, is the way to go.

This is something that we will be releasing next year.

There has been a tremendous level of interest behind the product in the pre-order campaign.

We haven't announced numbers, but it is one of the most successful campaigns in history.

If you look at the trends, i was asking you about them earlier, would you say that anything that is wearable technology is the main trend for 2014? for me, it comes together as -- we have payments, we have geolocation, we can do so many more things on demand.

It is the on demand economy which enables -- it is something that has been developing very very impressive sort of way.

I passed on over as an opportunity but the rumor is that they got to about $1 billion in gross revenue in three years on this notion of on-demand service.

It is really staggering to me.

I expect that many more of those type of companies, services will be made available to people on the push of a button on the cell phone, will be fascinating.

We expect this to become much broader where people will see that this is inspiration for other types of services.

Do you expect a lot more ipos in 2014 on the back of twitter, on the back of a lot of technology companies really engaging so much interest from the consumer at large?

I hope so.

I hope that some of mine will actually make it through the window.

I think the great reception that twitter just saw, the fact that they just broke $50 is pretty outstanding given that the trade means that the market is pretty hungry for those kinds of really mass appeal, mass-market devices or services.

I cannot wait to see how the market continues to open and hope to see some of my own companies make it through in the next 12 to 15 months.

Good luck with that.

Jeff clavier, founder and managing partner at softtech talking to us from paris.

Coming up, shares of the chip designer imagination technology have had a turbulent six months.

The stock is sinking even further.

We are going to dig into the reasons why later in this hour.

Plus the next year intact.

Bloombergs research team is anticipating 2014 hardware trends and it is looking good for the tablet market.

Details still to come.


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