Flight 370? Satellite Finds More Objects in Sea

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March 24 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Paul Allen reports on new satellite images taken of the South Indian Ocean which show more objects, but the images are undated and show no object size. He speaks to Angie Lau on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg)

In the indian ocean in an area that is the focus of the search for the missing plane.

We are going over to paul allen in sydney for the latest.

What we know about these images?

These were taken by a french satellite and we do not have a date or any indication of the size of the object that was found.

The australian deputy prime minister offered a location 850 miles -- kilometers north.

The search could be expanded for the new objects that were spotted by a french satellite.

There is another encouraging development over the weekend.

A chinese satellite spotted debris in the same area as the original images that we got.

We have more information on this image from march 18. it is 22 meters long and 30 meters wide.

It sounds like the right dimension for a boeing wing.

That image was taken 120 kilometers from the images we saw last week.

This is an encouraging me.

The prime minister said, over the weekend, that there are a club -- a cluster of objects and a wooden pallets.

If you are optimistic, that is encouraging because planes are known to use wooden pallets.

However, there are a lot of wooden pallets in the ocean because things.

Of container ships with incredible frequency we have -- frequency.

We have australian imagery.

Without china images.

-- we have the china images.

The french have a third set that is completely different and not necessarily linked to that.

It is in a different area.

It's on but the search area is extending -- it sounds like the search area is extending.

Eight claims covered ticky 9000 square kilometers -- 59,000 square kilometers.

They are searching for an object that is 22 meters long.

The analogy, needle in the haystack, is fitting here.

To chinese naval vessels are on the way and merchant ships that were in the area have been released.

India and china is getting great to join the search.

There are a couple of giant chinese jets that have longer range.

They would check into the clues.

We do not have many at the moment.

It looks like the weather might affect this week.

It is a notoriously rough storm.

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