Fox-Time Warner Wouldn’t Be a Surprise: Kirkpatrick

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July 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor David Kirkpatrick examines the business of Time Warner with talk of interest from Twentieth-Century Fox and Google. He speaks on “In The Loop.”

Wanted to put time warner in play.

Some of the big silicon valley companies were rumored to have won a time warner -- wanted time warner.

I would downplay the idea that google would want to buy time warner.

They would experience something comparable to what they experience when they bought motorola.

A company with an inferior business model.

They did not know what to do with it.

They figured out how to get rid of it.

Google has -- pretty much all the silicon valley companies have way better business models in the long run.

They have much better margins than time warner.

Time warner is a great media company, much more efficient and slimmed-down.

It makes a lot of sense for companies like companies to combine with one another.

Fox and time warner have overlap in their capabilities, and scale and efficiency matters for this industry.

I would not be surprised if eventually either or both companies combined either with each other or with some other analogous company.

Those companies have to grow and double down on their contemporary, their old business model.

It is not equivalent to google and facebook.

I think time warner is feeling some of the old media businesses, including television, feeling the pressure on them from the digital media companies that are arising.

All the content being generated on social media.

If it is not 21st century fox, maybe just for philosophical reasons that they might never come together, who else do you think could be in contention here?

Good question.

There's a lot of movie studios, who knows whether sony -- sony might want to get -- maybe sony's video assets could be combined with time warner.

The rest of sony does not look very good these days.

There is a lot of european companies.

Even chinese companies, these are global markets.

Look at how transformers did better in china than any other country.

These movie studios are now recognizing when they make a movie, they are making it for a global audience.

When you talk about potential partners for any companies, you have to look globally.

It could be even a bollywood company.

Thank you, david kirkpatrick.

For more on the m&a environment and the era of mega-deals, billionaire investor rupert roth.

Founder of the distressed investment boutique firm, who knows about mergers.

What's the biggest question when you see this news about rupert murdoch?

It's a very logical thing for murdoch to do.

I agree with your other speaker.

The real question is, just as in pharmaceuticals, everybody is getting for everybody else.

You wonder if this will start a feeding frenzy.

You see comcast and time

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