Foursquare Raises $35M

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Dec. 20 (Bloomberg) –- Prioleau Advisors Founder Marc Prioleau and Bloomberg’s Sarah Frier discuss the valuation of Foursquare after it raised $35M bringing their company’s total valuation to more that $600M. They speak to Emily Chang on Bloomberg Televisions’ “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Hundred million dollars.

They raised the money from a capita group.

It's foursquare were that much?

-- is foursquare worth that much?

Our guest joins us.

We also have sarah freir.

Mark, did the funding surprise you?

That they were able to raise it is much and they had told us it had plateaued?

Is a good sign to them.

In the middle of the year, a lot of doubt.

One person forecasted that would be out of business by the end of 2013 with less than 50 million dollars valuation.

That has not come true.

They are in a better place.

They feel very positive based on a lot of new products and they are coming out with.

They may feel positive but do you feel positive about foursquare?

I've been optimistic.

The thing i like about them is since they were launched in 2008, they have haiyan eared -- pioneered new things and they continue.

Where they are going now is trying to leverage some the data they have into a good service for the people.

If they can do that, there's a chance of growth.

Their issue is active in user growth.

Along with the revenue.

Crolwley, the ceo, has a vision of what he wants for the new reborn foursquare.

Sarah, you point out he is been trying to solve the same problem for 10 years.

They are problems.

Do the they are the want to solve them?

Are they on the right track?

What dennis is saying is we prove it is technologically possible to do what we have said we are trying to do for years.

They have done that.

The question is will users go along with the ride and if they can excite people about foursquare again.

They are trying very hard to show the data can bring you closer to places you may not have discovered.

People habits change.

Let-up about the excitement factor.

What are the chances foursquare can react celebrate growth.

They were hot in 2009. we are in 2013 and snapchat and more things taking users attention.

Mark, what do you think?

They got off to a fast start and -- that is going to be there challenge.

It is not a foregone conclusion.

What they are trying to do now is that they have developed a lot of data.

It is at a granular level.

Not just go to the restaurant and not a recommendation of the what to that of the menu.

They are moving to the idea of anticipatory recommendations.

You walk in and sit down and try this if that is done well, because it's a push-based, starting to get around the problem of people who are not pulling it out and turning it on.

They are working on api's/. places where it can be used.

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