Former Ukraine President Wanted for `Mass Murder’

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Feb. 26 (Bloomberg) –- On today’s “The Roundup,” Trish Regan, Matt Miller, Julie Hyman and Olivia Sterns wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Next target.

Target came out of the prophet decrease of 46%. shares rose the most in 45 years earnings came in better than estimated, managing expectations, it seems that target is now moving past the confidence issues.

The company is talking about its main priority being reinstalling the confidence of consumers.

The theme today, more broadly, seems to be that there is more optimism around retail, seriously.

As we moved to january but formal weather and expected, it affected target as well, every retailer out there hope springs internal, i guess.

I do not know that there is a lot of evidence of that.

First of all, target is dealing with people being afraid to have their credit cards swiped.

Just bring a bit point.

If only.

How would people use that point?

80,000. that is not a big percentage of the global population.

You are just talking about registered wallets.

One interesting thing that you see in those numbers is the fact of everything they did to try to regain customer loyalty in the wake of the data breach is actively working.

Speaking of discounts.

It could happen to anyone, though.

Have they put the card is to is, like other countries?

It would not happen to anyone who was seriously security minded.

They simply were not.

It was not one of their priorities.

But they still have them.

I think that their struggles are not over.

We will continue to watch, they have a lot of brand image.

To be clear, all retailers will be happy once the snow melt.

So alive.

Moving on, carl icahn said on his website that he will lay out a full detailed business case to separate ebay and paypal in the coming weeks.

They have been talking about spinning off paypal and agitating for it.

Carl icahn escalated his attack on ebay, john donahoe, and the board of the company, calling them dysfunctional and riddled with conflict, something that he said to us just recently on monday.

You know have -- you now have ebay firing back in a statement saying that carl icahn does not let the truth get in the way of a good story.

His letters may be entertaining, but they are not factually accurate.

I think he did say bull on our air, right?

They say that he seems to be deliberately disseminating dead wrong claims.

I just have to say, it is kind of a weird conflict of interest, right?

To have a board where the members are advising your company, but yet they have a hand in all these other things?

In general they have a lot of them.

Not just technology.

If you are talking about reforming boards?

Someone on the board of general motors owns a stake in volkswagen.

Peter cook.

That would never happen.

I do not think that alan mulally would like the idea of someone having a stake their.

I will come out against it.

What i am actually saying is that mark andreessen, right, he was on the board of ebay when they sold off skype.

And then he profited handsomely himself.

Peter cook, right?

They make things like turbotax.

We definitely have his complaint here with cook.

Scott cook.

He has investments in like five other different mobile payment systems.

So, how does he have the best interest of paypal in the view of carl icahn, if he has all these other investments?

It is a real problem in silicon valley.

And a great saga.

Absolutely fantastic.

He was not wrong, carl icahn is entertaining.

Ukraine, president?

, put on the international wanted list.

Ousted, of course, by parliament on saturday.

There has been a manhunt looking for where he is hiding.

He is now wanted for mass murder , connected obviously with the shooting deaths of protesters and he have.

Both sides killed people, but this guy drew the short straw.

A new prime minister was named, but i believe that that is just for a short time.

They will have elections.

Who are they going to get?

Princess leia, we will call her.

She has a very big following, yes, but is also very polarizing.

This new prime minister, the opposition has expressed formal support for, he is the head of the party.

How formal is it?

A bunch of guys saying yes?

Not that formal.


You know what i think is incredible that i read today about how divided this country is?

He is on the lam, somewhere in the eastern part of russia or the ukraine, where the russian speaking people live.

Rush already, right?

Apparently he did not even learn ukrainian until he was in his 30's. i wonder if he is going to end up working with edward snowden.

If vladimir putin has a lodge for dissidents.

Would russia actually taken?

Is their fault that he is in the situation he is in.

They are taking other people that we do not like, like snowden.

Not all of us do not like ed snowden.

I mean that not me personally, but the united states of america.

So, we shall see.

An odd couple, if they ended up in the same two-bedroom apartment.

A good show.

?[hums attune] ? hipsters, beware, jpmorgan chase is moving 2000 employees to offices in the metro tech center in brooklyn.

They are consolidating real estate as they push is -- is a push to trim expenses and simplify by exiting certain businesses.

They are getting out of private equity and consolidating.

The metro tech center is like where it is at.

This is really in demand.

The brooklyn?

You live in bronxville.

You think the whole world revolves around bronxville.

Office space in brooklyn is 96% occupied.

93% in manhattan.

Office space is further sold out in brooklyn.

Not only that, you are getting high demand for office space in lower manhattan to where desirable workers live.

Is that what we are saying here?

Does it go that far?

Is that the new soho?

It has probably always been, no offense, cooler than tribeca.

We are going to stay happy and tell you why your favorite

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