Forget Cabs, Call for an Ice Cream Truck!

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July 19 (Bloomberg) -- On "Weird Wall Street," Trish Regan Adam Johnson and Dominic Chu look at bizarre business stories on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Time for today's weird wall street.

The car hailing app, uber, leading people order a different kind of vehicle today, an ice cream truck.

Dom chu is here to fill us in.

It's hot.

I want ice cream.

And instead of calling for a cab, you call for this ice cream truck.

Today only.

It stop right outside the building today.

33 cities around the world looking to raise awareness for their product.

The reason why is because a lot of locations through the world don't allow them to operate including here in the u.s. where taxi registration requirements don't necessarily let them operate.

You cannot have ubrer.

What are they charging iago- ? free today, but they are doing a deal.

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