Ford Unveils 50th Anniversary Mustang Worldwide

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Dec. 5 (Bloomberg) -- "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson reports on Ford unveiling their 50th anniversary Mustang. (Source: Bloomberg)

Stuff is on the block.

Ford is unveiling its 50th anniversary of the mustang.

That is happening today, all over the world.

This is the first time that they will sell outside of north america since 1964. over one million people on a mustang in the first two years.

New features -- lower roof, wider wheelbase, and a more efficient engine.

That is a first since 1986. what people really want to know -- will allen mulally become the next ceo of microsoft?

We get a chance to hear from the horses mouth.

You told the board of ford that you will stay at the company.

Are they asking you again to renew your commitment?

I have no changes planned.

Let's try again.

If i get it next fall, can you tell me that you will still be in the coc?

I love serving.

You always say you will stay until the end of 2014. i love ford and there is no change in the plan.

That is the company line.

Good for ford, bad for microsoft.

People really like alan mul ally.

He has done an amazing job.

One i brought him in, there was tremendous skepticism.

I remember one reporter said to me, you just signed the death warrant of the ford motor company.

I bring in a non-card guy.

He has done a wonderful job.

Part of what we have done is build a really strong team.

As good as he is, we knew he would not last forever.

I know him and he is a trophic leader.

He excites people.

The question that you asked -- does technology fit?

Doesn't stretch beyond his capability?

He says that he expects to stay through 2014. he is dedicated to ford.

We will continue to move forward.

What mr.

Mulally and the ford crew want to talk about is the new mustang.

It represents the heart and soul of the new company.

It is a really big day.

50th anniversary and we could not be more happy to present this.

The mustang has universal appeal.

To put it into perspective, it has over 5.5 million followers or fans on the spot.

Over half of them are outside of the u.s. in the four corners of the globe.

It has universal appeal.

It ignites a sense of freedom and optimism.

It is very consistent.

It transcends genders, demographics, and nations.

Allen mullally says it is part of the one afford plan that was put into motion -- one ford plan that was sent into motion years ago.

Also, to make something affordable.

Which was the idea of the pony car in the first place . in 1965 at the world's fair, they introduced the first mustang.

It changed the auto industry.

Bowman was a great fourth car, it was very -- it was a great driving car.

You could not get in europe.

I always wondered why.

Now, we are designing our vehicles to serve all of the markets.

The thing about the mustang behind us, left-hand drive, right-hand drive.

Everybody can now enjoy the mustang.

I instantly thought of this as the culmination of your one ford plan.

You got there and now i can be sold around the world.

Another one of your legacies has been to boost fuel efficiency without losing power.

Talk to me about the four- cylinder engine that provides more power than the v6. we talked about the ego boost.

One of the options -- three different powertrains.

One option is a cylinder ego boost.

You get all of that wonderful torque.

It has a 20% improvement in fuel efficiency.

How many mustangs do you want to sell?

We will not share -- you sold one million in the first two years.

The market will decide how many are sold.

We are so excited about the response.

This is with the world is wanted for many years.

Now we can deliver this mustang around the world.

At the end of the day, the mustang has now but out of the corral.

As an engineer, you're an engineer, right?

People were falling all over themselves about the live axle.

The one poll that connects the two wheels.

People could not believe what a great job he did.

Nowadays independent rear suspension.

It is like water cooling a porsche.

It is unheard of.

Not only do we get to do independent rear suspension, now you can select the ride and performance that you want to have.

You can change that to me your desire for that day.

Have you driven one?

I have.

It is absolutely exhilarating.

You get the car you want and you can afford it.

It is a great drive.

Is it a margin driver for you guys?

I said is the most important car since the model t and he said what about the f-1050. you look at this lineup noun, -- now.

That family now, from ford, covers all of the market segments, from small to large.

The mustang is right in the middle that family.

It is the number -- another member of the family.

What do you think about your market cap?

I think ford has come a long way.

The most important thing that we do is to stay focused and make the best cars in the world.

We are growing our operational efficiency.

When can i get the keys to one of the used to drive it?

I know you have been looking at it carefully.

We will get you into one next fall.

Next fall?

The color of your choice, automatic.

I would definitely go with six speed.

What color are you going to choose?

I like this great.

-- grey.

So who owned the first mustang?

She was 22 and got her first job as a teacher.

She wanted a convertible.

I said i have a new one in the back.

He took her to the back and took the cloth off.

It was in 1955 mustang.

He sold it to her and she drove it away today's before it went on sale.

She was driving along and people were stopping her.

Everyone wanted to see it and

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