Ford to Chrysler Sales Rise, GM Slumps

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Oct. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Ford and Chrysler overcame a quirk in the industry sales calendar to post surprise U.S. gains for September while others, including General Motors, slumped more than predicted. Jamie Butters reports on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

A couple of positives, one big negative.

What do they add up to?

It is all over the map.

When you bring it all together, is about what was expected, down a little from last -- the pace is down from last month, the volume is down from a year ago.

It was a fairly short september.

Labor day was early and was lumped into august sales.

We will see fewer sales in total this september compared to last september.

The seasonally adjusted annual rate will still be higher, a 15.3 million dollar months, better than anything we saw in 2012. lex it is really just a monthly blip?

The trend is still very much on the upswing?

That is pretty much right.

If everything keeps going as it is, if the government stays in business, that is what we are looking at.

The sales are coming and basically around expectations, we are seeing trucks sell well,.. we are seeing some cars sell well.

If this drags on and becomes a debt ceiling crisis, that could affect consumer confidence and lending and sales of big-ticket items.

What about general motors and toyota, negative numbers relative to ford and chrysler.

Do we wait and see if that continues and then draw some conclusions?

That is right.

You went to see something big and 42 or three months before you jump to conclusions.

When you look at gm, their fleet sales were down a lot.

They are trying to make the apollo eight nicer car, self you are at a higher price -- the i mpala, a nicer car.

Self year at a higher price.

Chevy trucks thank you very much.

Our auto editor into gioia, jamie butters.

The auto industry taking a

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