Ford Says Rising China Sales Keep Focus at Top Spot

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Aug. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Ford said its Focus compact remained the top-selling car worldwide in the first quarter as sales more than doubled in China. Matt Miller has more on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

It's 56 minutes past the hour, so bloomberg is on the markets.

I'm olivia stearns.

Here is how we and the day's sessions.

The s&p up by about five.

, the dow gaining more than 30 and the nasdaq up about 14.5 points.

That is thanks to a nice pop we saw in apple shares.

That is after we saw carl icahn had brought up a large position in the company.

And ford was swinging between gains and losses, but ending up in the red.

It is still the most popular car on earth.

A title that ford stole from toyota corolla last year.

For more on ford and the american car, i enjoyed by matt miller.

What is going on?

All of the american car makers are getting more and more into the small sectors, the big money with the big trucks.

They still make that line's share of their profits with truck sales -- ford, general motors, even ramp.

That is how they drive their operations.

I did a piece earlier today about the fiesta and about chevy sonic.

American car makers are getting into this lower margin car area.

And the reason, he said, is brand loyalty.

When you get the kids buying the focus st, and it is massively popular around the world because it is the sport's version, then you get them into the same brand.

Eventually, they will buy a torres -- taurus, and then eventually a bigger f-150. get yourself into one of these compact cars, even though tom keene could not fit into one of these.

It was just difficult to get in.

Once you are in one of these, they feel fairly roomie.

They feel sporty.

Smaller cars are still affordable, by you get stripes, you get to the racing versions.

You get leather seats.

You get the golf ball gear knob, the kind of cool stuff that kids want.

It is a bit counterintuitive, because baby boomers, the older generation, are the ones with the big bucks to spend.

And they spend a lot of money compared to any other generation.

In fact, more than $400 billion more than all other generations combined.

But the key is that a lot of baby boomers are still buying cars for the kids.

I don't know about tom, but i feel like he has spent some money on some offerings are -- offspring recently.

Maybe it is not unusual for the kids to say, i want this ford or this shabby and they get it for them.

And market sales are booming in china.

I think, double in china last year.

Ford's sales were up 70% or more.

Gm had a huge jump.

But they also -- already had a massive jump on board.

A big piece of the puzzle is serious growth there.

Thank you very much.

What is the smallest car you can get into.

I think the smallest car is a smart.

That is it.

But that is it for " be on the market -- for on the market.

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