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Oct. 8 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Hans Nichols reports on the latest innovations potentially making their way into new Ford vehicles. He speaks to Mark Barton and Anna Edwards on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

You took a leap of faith, texting on your blackberry and letting the car swerved.

The technology is impressive.

It was largely to reclaim my manhood eared i nearly got sick doing the laps.

I needed to do something to restore my dignity.

When they start going with a minimum speed limit, it says 160 kilometers per hour.

You are flying.

They are doing things -- the driver.

He gets the girl at the bar.

If you are driving toward whatever it was, you did a lot of takes.

Every single time, it swerved.

Cliff it was nerve-racking.

The engineer gave great confidence.

That part works really well.

The parking part, this is what we did not show in the clip, we had a lot of takes.

Parking was harder.

This is the prehistoric conversation going on about how women cannot park.

We clearly agree with you.

I was not exciting at all.

On the record here.

I will deflect the blame.

You started it, mark.

There is a question about the law and whether it allows for the cool gadgets he -- gadgetry to be allowed on the road.

What we have going on in europe is a first to market phenomenon and to unveil the technology.

They want the younger generation to think of your car like your phone.

They do not see cars as a status symbol.

It would rather have phones.

The challenge is to take three years from concept to creation.

A great idea.

Three years later, the assembly line is just that long.

They are working on it.

Is a imagine what your car works on in years.

The car is fully connected and integrated.

You are doing conference calls.

The other is you are completely disconnected.

It is a sanctuary.

Your way of telling the rest of the world, you are very important, that is your me time.

For 30 minutes, you can unplug your car.

You used to slide.

You cannot get reception.

Apparently, that will and.

We can still hide from our bosses for the blissful three hours we are commuting.

See you later.

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