Ford's Nov. Light-Vehicle Sales Beat Estimates

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Dec. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Matt Miller reports on Ford's light-vehicle sales. he speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Be bullish.

Anything can happen.

Thank you, alan knuckman joining us from the cma.

Some breaking news, ford out with members.

I will bring in matt miller.

We spoke about chrysler, what is coming across?

Analysts were looking for a lower number from ford.

We were looking for 5.6% gains in november, we got 7.1%. to reca chryslerp was, up 16% and we were looking for 11%. ford of 7.1%, we were looking for 5.6%. in 30 minutes, we see general motors.

Looking for a 14% gain for general motors.

If that beats, the big three all will have been.

November sales, we were looking for a rebound anyway.

In october we had the shutdown and analysts say that may have hurt the october sales numbers.

The annualized, seasonally adjusted average for october was 15.2 million.

We are looking for a number this month of 15.8 million.

A little distracted by the ford rapture, i want that shock.

You see the fusion, another story.

They are going to slow down and halt production for one week of that car.

It has been a big seller and they have made so many of them that they have got a ton of inventory on the lots.

They want to slow down production rather than cutting prices too much.

They do not want to fall into the end of -- into the old pattern of making a ton of calls rs and discounting them to get him off the lot.

They went to keep production low and inventory tight so they can retain pricing power and keep margins.

Thank you for giving us the numbers.

Bring you numbers from chrysler and ford.

Gm will be out in half an hour.

We want to get you to the call, the market's bernie williams of usaa investment solutions.

He oversees close to $17 billion

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