Ford's New F-150 Brings Natural Gas to the Masses

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Aug. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Scarlet Fu reports on Ford's efforts to bring natural gas to the road as it offers the fuel capability on the new model of the F-150. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Selling truck, the f-150. matt miller sat down with the man behind the marshall -- the model.

Here's what he had to say say about auto trans.


The f-150 has a very strong retail, private following besides commercial vehicles.

This could be a crossover vehicle to make natural gas our mainstream gas in that market on that half ton pickup truck.

So ford will start offering these compressed natural gas fuel systems for the f-150 later on this year with the 2014 model.

This is big innovation for the carmaker.

The question is -- they will have to contend -- convince people to spend the extra $7,000 to 50 truck so he can use natural gas.

Is this a lifecycle cost decision, i knit our mental gas decision, that they that natural gas will be significant a cheaper than oil gas prices?

Ford says that using the cng fuel system will result in 30% less greenhouse gas emissions.

Say what you will about that, but natural gas prices are lower than oil prices for instance.

Natural gas, $2.11 a gallon.

Half the price.

All i am saying is you would have to do a lot of driving to make this financially worth it.

This is not some home job moving from gasoline to nat gas, this is ford mogul.

Are these cars going to blow up if i hit them?

Hopefully not.

It is not a pinto.

And it is not be so.

I think -- it is not diesel.

Quite psychologically to, that's quite psychologically, there is a big difference between liquid and gasoline.

Natural gas.

It is the same kind of rethinking people had to be used to with the pre-us -- prius, for instance.

It is like "downton abbey" with that dreaded chauffeur.

But a pulitzer prize.

They got married?

There is a lot of talk about using compressed natural gas for large trucks.

T boone pickens and others have been championing -- this is been done outside the u.s. as well.


The numbers are clear.

People who might drive 25,000 miles or whatever, why would they make this shift?

What are the analysts saying about ford specifically and it's a strategy for doing this?

F-150 is one of its core, most iconic brands.

Analysts are cautious.

The city auto market continues to bloom, but for ford specifically, there are tougher comparisons for the second half of this year especially as they get ready to do the 2014 launch of the f-150. we patent into the f-150 because it is such an a broad number -- such a barometer -- it is a very strong -- the construction market, small business owners overall.

When he see that right in f-150 pickup trucks and the sales of those, that is an indication of the economy overall getting better.

Minnesota mining 3m , the cng tank in the back of the pickup truck safely behind a cap.

Thomas word about it blowing up on him.

Richard, you drive a truck.

Of long as you don't text and drive you are ok.

Would you but natural bath in your truck, richard?


As an environmental measure, it makes tremendous sense to you do have a couple of corporate customers and government municipalities that already part of the cng's sermon, so they want to bring the retailers in.

General electric is really behind is for the ge fleet as well.

Let's get to company news right now.

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