Ford’s Mark Fields Follows Leaving Legend Mulally

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April 22 (Bloomberg) -- Matt Miller reports on Mark Fields who is poised to succeed Alan Mulally as Ford CEO. Miller speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The exit door.

I never know if this is a time to look at what has to be done next or take a moment to recognize the amazing job someone has done.

We can do both.

We have time to do both.

Let's do that.

Alan mulally, let's talk about what he did.

Coming from boeing, people were skeptical he could turn ford around.

They had a tough time after jack nasser bought everything and then bill ford took over.


In detroit they called him jack.

He got rid of all the luxury brands, he got rid of volvo and pretty much every other brand the besides ford and lincoln.

He mortgaged the kitchen sink and the brand, the ford logo.

That is what got them through the economic collapse.

He did array before -- he did that right before.

They were one of the only big three without a bailout and they have been running on all eight cylinders.

It reduced the number of different types of cars they were putting out.

Most importantly was he changed the culture.

It had been an infighting corporate board room.

A lot of general motors style fiefdoms.

He said listen, it is a family-owned company.

We all have one vision and need to have one goal.

We need to tell each other the truth about what is going on.

Mark fields was the first acolyte, the first guy to buy into alan's strategy.

What's next?

Mark fields, he has bought into alan mulally's strategy.

He is not going to turn that around.

He has -- they have a special meeting every thursday where they discuss all the aspe cts of the business.

They have one goal.

He is not going to change that.

He is his own man, you may see him try to put his own mark on the company.

Bill ford, the chairman of a company, really has the overview.

The family has control of what happens in the company.

He will be partnering with mark fields, much like he was

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