Ford’s Hottest Story: New Vehicles or CEO Rumors?

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Dec. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Keith Naughton looks at how the future of CEO Alan Mulally may be stealing the spotlight from Ford’s new vehicles on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

Top job at microsoft and that is becoming a big distraction.

Is this all the people at ford headquarters are talking about?

It seems like people are not talking about the delays in the ford f1 50. it is all about mullally.

The people at ford would like to switch the focus to the new cars coming out and be ford f150 is one of the most important cars they have coming out.

When they released the mustang, that is what all the questions were about -- will he stay or will he go.

Mullally himself does not make it clear.

Is this a navelgazing problem at ford?

All the consumers care about our cars.

If there is one thing alan mullally has shown it is who runs the company makes a huge difference, right?

In the first three years they lost the billion dollars, and since 2009 they have made $35 billion.

He really turned the company around.

If you don't have a healthy company, they do not come out with good cars and consumers do not get what they want.

Can all that success be attributed to one man, alan mullally?

One good say that his lieutenants are looking at each other saying, oh, i think we had a hand in this.

They certainly did have a hand in this.

The hand that they had was guided by alan mullally picked up in to work together.

Detroit has always had a culture of back i think.

Alan mullally created an environment where they actually irked collaboratively.

With mullally gone, they could lose that.

So the folks at ford that are worried about this and not worried about the cars they are making now that the cars they will be making two or three years from now?

If mullally is a distraction, presumably he is a distraction to all of those things that need to go into ford's future success.

They are also worried about the cars they're about to introduce.

They have 23 new models.

16 in north america.

They want to get attention on that.

If all the headlines and up being about mullally and a microsoft, you have wanted all the introductions on these critically important models.

They want to make sure that is the star.

Is this frustrating board members?

Do you think that the board could push mullally and tell him to make a decision here or there?

You have one of the most successful ceo's in america.

He is a rockstar.

Do you really push that guy out the door?

It is similar to the problem that chrysler had 20 years ago with lee iacocca.

Would you do with a situation like that?

You would like a graceful exit, but it's not very graceful right now.

Keith mcnaughton with the

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