Ford’s 50th Anniversary Mustang: Leaner Muscle Car

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Dec. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Matt Miller previews today’s unveiling of Ford’s 50th anniversary Mustang on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Motorhead matt miller is at the unveiling in manhattan.

I know you love this car.

It is a classic.

What is the biggest change to the mustang.

Anybody who loves cars has to love the mustang.

The biggest change is in so much about the car, but really, what you mentioned in the intro there.

It is all about how they are selling it.

When alan mullally came to run for it, it was about a year after they had debuted the current mustang.

He said to them, i want all of the cars that we built you to be billed for the entire market, the global market.

He gave them 7 years to do it.

This will be sold everywhere -- in europe, and china, anywhere you can imagine that ford is selling cars, you will be able to buy the mustang, and that is the key difference in what changes this from the 5 generations of the past.

Thereafter and some changes.

The biggest will be on where they are selling the car.

You will be sitting down with alan mullally, someone you know very well.

What do you want to ask him.

That's what do you want to ask him -- what do you want asked him?

I want to ask him one question that has nothing to do with the mustang, whether or not he wants to go to microsoft.

I've asked him about 20 times, but continuous speculation in the media means we have to keep inquiring about that.

Then i will ask him about the car.

It is such an amazing leap forward from what they previously offered on the mustang.

One thing that only gearheads are going to get is that this is independent rear suspension, and the mustang has been famous for being the only modern sports car to use a live rear axle.

This is a little bit in the weeds, but it is the most important and most interesting part about this new car.

Also the cecoboost, the technology to boost fuel efficiency -- there is a 4- cylinder version of the scar that will double the fuel efficiency.

You mentioned this rear axle a few times.

Why is it so important?

Most modern cars have gone from a live rear axle, when temple, if you will, that connects the back 2 wheels, two independent rear suspension.

If you hit a pothole with one wheel, the other one react.

They are independent -- the other won't react.

The 2 have been independent of each other.

Fortis been famous for sticking with this rear axle and the mustang.

I've heard executives from other companies say how they are impressed with the balance this mustang achieves good diehard purists are going to be angry about the change.

As we just mentioned, matt will be interviewing the ceo alan mullally in the next hour

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