Ford: No Change, Mulally to Stay Through 2014

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Sept. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Craig Trudell reports on Ford’s CEO Alan Mulally possibly going to Microsoft . He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Operating officer at ford was in downtown detroit and had to answer obviously for what has been continued speculation on what was going to happen with alan mullally and whether or not he might be interested in being microsoft ceo.

He reiterated what ford said all month long and what he actually told our matt miller earlier this month that there is no change to the plan for ford to keep mullally around through at least 2014. how disrupted would be for ford if he stepped out?

It is a really difficult question to answer and it is a question that has come up, by the way, since early 2012 when we reported on ford's cfo leaving later that year.

There has been a lot of talk about who is going to succeed mulally, and it does not seem he is going to leave yet.

But there are a lot of executives below him, including fields who we talked to, and other executives promoted last year at the same time who many observers of ford think these executives are capable and talented and played a big part in its turnaround that mulally has led.

Let's get personal.

If he were to leave it is not just for microsoft -- he has ties to steve ballmer and bill gates.

He worked to develop the sync system, if you are driving a ford you push a button on the steering wheel and you can use voice commands to do different things like change the radio station and whatnot.

So, he's got a relationship with steve ballmer.

Ballmer has praised him recently in an article for "time" in which he expressed a lot of praise for mulallu and he also owns a home still in washington from his days in boeing.

There are personal reasons why this makes sense but at this point ford is still saying we are committed to having him here through 2014 and he is saying i am not going anywhere.

What about management style at ford.

What can you tell us about what he implemented at the company that could work very well for microsoft?

You may remember just earlier this summer, steve ballmer announced a huge restructuring at microsoft.

His company called it one microsoft.

It sounds very familiar to folks here in detroit because if you talk to mulally you can get far before he brings up his one ford plan.

Before that, it operated in silos regionally and in various ways throughout the country -- company where people were not working together but they were working on ford north america, europe, south america.

His one ford plan called for reducing complexity and sort of global decision-making.

And that is a lot of what sort of inspired microsoft to make a lot of the changes that it made.

Ballmer apparently worked withmulally coming up with the plan.

A lot of parallel.

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