Ford: How We’re Making the Desirable Affordable

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Sept. 30 (Bloomberg) –- Ford Senior Technical Leader Venkatesh Prasad discusses the company’s future with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)


I think a whole lot of possibility exists.

We are talking about changes that make your life simple i really taking together what you already have with you, what you were getting used to.

Your favorite flat greens.

All your expectations have the flexibility of choosing a mode of transportation.

And bringing that altogether.

The car industry has been charged with moving too slowly.

It is very long.

How do we get the car industry to move faster.

You do not realize this but there are a lot of aspects of the car that make it incredibly smart.

It is still four wheels sitting on a platform.

The platforms are a lot more reliable.

Yet to think about when it got slapped.

It has been a wild.

Some of the technologies take a lot to make the changes.

Give me some specific examples of things that ford is working on that we will see him cars in the next decade.

What i would like to share with you is the excitement.

It is a competitive business.

I think we can recognize the way that consumers are dealing with products.

We say we've will allow for you to choose modes of transportation.

Why should i choose for it?

I like tech.

I want this to be easy.

Why should i choose for it?

This is about making the affordable -- the desirable affordable.

There are many ways to do that.

We allow the technologies that you are used to to be brought into this.

They could be using this.

Now it is more easily accessible.

I do not use this because i actually use this on my phone because it has the most up-to- date maps.

When are you going to have better maps?

We have a number of technology that allows access.

There used to be this last mile challenge.

It is at an affordable price point.

Consumers did not want to pay for that.

When i look at the focal point, it is the last and challenge.

It would be usable in a safe manner.

Google is working on driverless cars.

They are getting onto the market.

How do you compete with them?

There are a number of ways we can come together.

A smart phone does not have a wiper blade.

Maybe it will.

It is hard to get into an apple store and buy a wiper blade for your phone.

It is an integral part of your car.

If you're driving down the road, that is a really useful piece of information.

It might come to you.

That is unique.

Cracks one number that tells a whole

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