Ford, GM Sales Fall More Than Estimated

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Feb. 3 (Bloomberg) –- On today’s “The Roundup,” Trish Regan, Adam Johnson, Julie Hyman and Matt Miller wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Roundup and i have the first story.

Janet yellen, big day for her.

Fed chairman now.

We were saying that maybe this is a test.

The market is testing to see what she will do.

A temper tantrum?

This is what they do.

They did this to ben bernanke all the time when he started.

Does she give in?

Your question is the one that they were talking about.

It is a good question.

Are we going to see helicoptered janet?

Is she going to reverse course?

I have a feeling she will be tougher than you think.

And the fed is not looking at short-term work.

They are not supposed to be.

Let's hope not.

But they can get spooked by having a number in a row.

Is she a tough lady?

I am sure that she is, but she is a dove.

As jay pointed out.

Here's the thing, she knows that everyone is saying that about her.

She in a position to say that she is tougher than she looks?

I will prove them wrong?

I will not let the market dictate and put me in a corner and forced me not to taper when i do think -- no one puts janet in a corner.

[laughter] hard as it has been for the last few days and for the s&p 500, that just takes us back to where we were in november.

In other words, it has been a very strong 14 months.

I do not want to hear that the sky is falling.

A bit of perspective.

We could fall down another five percent.

You know, it still keeps us above the long-term trend of the moving average.

By the way, ben bernanke?

He does have a job.

He is going to the brookings institute.

Speaking, writing books.

It is not just about the market throwing a temper tantrum.

There is actual bad data that comes with these drops.

We have been arguing about auto sales.

We had some bad numbers in from almost all of the automakers and it goes along with it.

Not just a bunch of market anger here.

It is real concern in the stock.

Gm sales fell big-time, 12%. ford sales, down 7.5%. analysts were expecting sales drops, but not that much.

They had been doing so good.

For a while, but they have been poor for the last couple of months.

Chrysler, on the flipside.

Is that the ron burgundy advertisement?

Probably the best ad for automobiles all year, book ended by i think bob allen, probably the worst data.

What was that?

What could be more american than america?

To do you not want to hear bob dylan chilling products?

I still think he should be in the west village, smoking pot, but he should -- but apparently he is selling chrysler's during the super bowl.

More power to them.

Chrysler was one of the big three so-called u.s. automakers.

Of course, they are an italian automaker now.

A blamed it on the weather, though.

Is that really the issue?

You tell me.

I had a lot of trouble getting around last month in my big four-wheel-drive truck.

It has not been easy.

If i am going to buy a car, there were a couple of days i could not do it.

Is that going to stop me from making that kind of kurt -- that kind of purchase?

A lot of people say that it will stop you from buying stocks.

Not a car.

The e-mail was that the weather was bad for the ford gm partners.

That is something else that people were not buying over the last few months.

Stuff at walmart.

At least not as much stuff at walmart.

The new ceo actually took over on february 1, affective on saturday he became the new guy.

There he is.

Taking over for mike duke.

There are a lot of issues at walmart.

Fourth-quarter profits are not going to be as high, probably, as they had forecast.

One of the issues here, the food stamps program cut, which affects about four percent of their customers, according to analysts.

When you are talking about a cutback for the lowest income americans, that is the bread and butter walmart customer, right?

Another analyst pointed out that you are seeing that cut akin unemployment insurance.

Even a -- even though the overall economy may be improving, times are tough for people on the lower rung of the economic ladder.

Not only that, he has to deal with issues in china and brazil as well.

He has a challenging job here.

I do not want this to come out the wrong way.

I went to walmart for the first time.

I went there for the first time last week.

There were the strangest people i have ever seen in my entire life.

People with full on face tattoos, a lot of dreadlocks.

Many people with clothing that did not fit and some clothing falling off.

Which is why you decided to grow a beard?

Let me tell you, i thought that it was strange that they were selling assault rifles right next to the basketballs and bicycles.


Semi automatic assault rifles and -- by the way, i went to check one out?

If i touch a sixpack of beer, they needed my id.

Not for the rifles, just the beer.

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