Ford Gaining Speed on Toyota in U.S. Market Share

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Feb. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Keith Naughton discusses Ford’s climb to the top as it closes in on Toyota for U.S. retail market share on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

However they been able to reverse themselves and capture so much market share compared to toyota?

They were at deaths door in 2008. they barely avoided bankruptcy.

But they have completely redone their show room, and models like the sedan and the escape, the small suv, have really captured retail buyers.

That is where they have made the gains, in the showroom.

They are gaining a lot of shares here.

What has happened to toyota that it is losing its?

It is almost a mirror image.

It has gained three points and toyota has lost almost three points.

Toyota went through a big controversy.

There was a recall in 2010 overs -- over sudden acceleration issues.

That was an issue about the quality reputation.

And then japan got hit with the earthquake and the synonymy.

Thailand got hit by floods.

Production fell way back.

Everyone thought they would come out -- roaring back in 2012 and 2013. they did come back a great deal in 2012, but then slid back a bit in 2013. he had not resumed the gains that they once commanded.

What analysts are saying is that they do not have the bulletproof reputation for wallaby anymore.

They are not the default choice of everybody.

They have a lot more competition now.

How is toyota going to hold ford off as it continues to gain shares?

That will be a real dogfight.

Toyota has the new models coming.

They have the new highlander.

They will work on their camry later this year.

They have a new corolla.

They think they can hold them off.

But ford has a new f1 50, their biggest seller.

Where is the gm or chevy brand doing?

You would imagine that chevy would be the same story as ford.

They have redone their show room and have some hot new models as well.

But they are not gaining retail shares, which analysts find troubling.

Gm says, we got out of the minivan business and the small pickup truck business, and we will get back into that this year with the colorado.

They say, this story is not complete yet and we will be gaining ground.

We just got this economic data in, showing the gdp was revised in the fourth quarter to 2.4%, down from upwards of three percent, and this comes on the heels of the fourth quarter where we are still seeing declines in gdp.

Where does that leave the automakers?

I heard you guys talking about the weather issue, and that is something automakers have been talking about.

In january, sales were disappointing.

We are coming into february and we will get those results on monday.

We're already hearing it was a bad month.

The weather is keeping buyers out of showrooms.

It is just too cold and snowy for many to go out and buy in parts of the country.

The weather is definitely impacting sales.

It is having a macro effect.

Everyone is will it -- is blaming the weather and we will have more bad weather to come on monday.

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