Ford F-150 Gets a Natural Gas Boost

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July 31 (Bloomberg) -- Matt Miller reports on Ford offering a natural gas powered F-150 truck. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Good question.

Starting in 2014 you will be able to purchase a ford as 150 that will run entirely and natural gas.

The savings could be worth it.

Matt miller has all the details for us.

I have been thinking about natural gas vehicles ever since boone pickens told me that the engines are much torkier, and i am a tork addict, which is why i have a broken leg right now.

It is interesting, i heard that ford was going to make the f-1 50 available with natural gas, and my first thought was as a retail consumer, of where am i going to fill up?

How much extra is it going to cost me to upgrade my pick up the natural gas?

I had a chance today to talk with the head of sustainability for commercial vehicles.

Let's see what he told me.

The early adopters have been the commercial vehicles.

They tended to use more fuel.

Therefore, they add up -- they end up seeing the best benefits with the quickest payback return of their investment.

A personal user is less likely to burn that much more fuel.

That is why we have seen commercial people use it first.

With the growth of infrastructure around the country, with the price differential between gasoline at $4 per gallon and at some places like oklahoma it is going for 79 cents per gallon, there is such a difference that i think the general public will be taking advantage of this as well.

I thought that was one of the most interesting from ford.

When i saw the press release this morning -- look, late last night -- i said i was just a commercial move, but they are looking to sell these trucks to the retail market.

Right now they sell about 11,000. but halliburton has already begun to shift their fleet in colorado.

They were the first big customer for ford.

General motors also makes gas powered trucks.

The market is about 130,000 vehicles now.

They expected to grow and grow significantly.

They told me that he has seen their sales go up by about half every year and they expect that to continue at least in the near term.

About 50,000 vehicles powered by natural gas from ford this year.

Very interesting stuff, i cannot wait to get my foot on the pedal, so to speak.

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