Ford Drives to the Top as 2013 U.S. Car Sales Surge

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Jan. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Deirdre Bolton Bloomberg News’ Jamie Buters put the popularity of American cars in focus in "On The Markets" on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Popularity of american-made cars?

Good morning, deirdre.

A lot of this is spiraling.

They really improved -- a lot of it is spiraling.

There really improved.

Detroit has dominated pickups and suv's since the 80's and the 90's when they became common.

Now they are providing better quality and value and better looking cars like the fusion and ford's line-up, and really all of them, chrysler and chevys, better than what they used to be.

I am taking this from your research.

Fifth year of growth and maybe even 2007 levels surpassed?

2013, we will get the final results tomorrow, and it will wrap up the fourth year of growth.

What we are looking at more growth next year.

Not at a robust back above 16 million.

We will get really close to the 2007 level, so we might get close to 2006 or even further back.

But the record is 17.4 so we know we're -- nowhere year -- near that but at that time they were practically giving cars away and it was not healthy.

Now there is a better balance between consumer demand and how many cars they can make.

I read that ford will unveil a new concept car in las vegas next week.

It has a solar paneling on the roof, and you are not obligated to plug it in.

That is a concept car.

But ford in general has been gaining traction and has had a record year, right?

That is still sort of fantasy at this point, but it is exciting to think about a car that is both electric and free of a plug.

There are different ways to go at that.

But for what they actually have on the road, 2014 -- 2013 was a great year.

S series up to 100,000 through november, that is all the full-size trucks toyota sells.

The fuse an -- fusion sedan, up more than 50,000 sales.

Big gains.

Suv's, small fiestas, they have really pushed the whole brain.

Of course, lincoln still is not doing rate and they don't have all the brands they are used to but alan mulally has focused or -- their work and they made it a winner.

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