Ford, Coca-Cola Bottle Sustainable Tech for Cars

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Nov. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Scott Vitters, GM of plantbottle packaging platform at Coca-Cola and Amy Marentic, marketing manager at Ford Motor Group, explain their corporate partnership to integrate recycled and sustainable materials used in bottling as cloth material for automobile interiors. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “In the Loop.”

Plant bottling at coca-cola.

Let me ask you about ford and coca-cola.

How did the two of you get together?

People do not realize the same material that make bottles are the same materials inside their close -- polyester.

We are looking for ways we can improve things like bottles.

We take natural sugars from plants to lower our environmental impact.

You guys are putting it into use at ford motor company.

It is the first time anyone has taken the plant bottle technology and used it in a fabric.

It is on the seats.


We have a sustainable material.

It is beautiful.

How does it you -- how does it compare to other materials?

We already use recycled materials.

Very durable.

A customer cannot tell the difference.

The difference is that this is just as durable, but it is made from plants.

It is made from material you can get more and more of.

We are excited to use the plant bottle technology and to be the company that has done it for the first time.

Let's take a look at what is in the car.

People keep developing materials that can be better for the environment.

We are seeing the materials on the seats, where else?

On the headliner, the seats, the door panel, the head rest.

Anyplace there is fabric in the car, we have used the plant bottle material.

We're going to show it next week at the l.a. autoshow.

Can you use it more widely at ford motor company's? we are hoping.

We are in the early days of development.

We spend a lot of time making sure it is going to be robust and work for our customers.

We hope we can go much further with this material.

Local is working with ford motor company.

You have also worked with heinz.

How much further can you use it?

The power of innovation is in its use.

How do we take this technology and enable people to have access to it?

We start with heinz in 2011. we are excited to start on this journey with ford.

We were see -- we will see where it goes from that.

How much further can you guys go?

We have been on an exciting journey as a company.

Whether it is on equipment or energy use or in our materials, we think it is the right thing to be doing for the communities that we serve.

Is about treading lighter on the environment.

This is a plug-in hybrid.

He gets 108 miles per gallon.

-- it gets 108 miles per gallon.

You plug it in like your cell phone.

It made sense that the material belonged here first.

Thank you so much.

Betty, back to you.

Carol, thank you so much.

She was there with the ford car that is using bottle technology from coca-cola.

We have some breaking news out on the economy.

Import prices are coming down 0.7%. a little bit less than what economists expected.

Empire manufacturing, that reading coming in -2.2. that shows a contraction in manufacturing.

That survey expected an expansion in the manufacturing with a reading of five.

I want to bring in mike mckee.

Let's take empire manufacturing first.

Why don't we take it and throw it away.

It is not good news.

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