Ford, Chrysler Top Estimates, September Sales Climb

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Oct. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News Auto Editor Jamie Butters reports that Ford Motor Company reported an increase of 5.7 percent in sales of its cars and light trucks for the month of September, while Chrysler posted a gain of 0.7 percent. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Out all morning long.

We just got bored us sales numbers, up 5.7%, and estimate was for new change.

This is a pretty big beat and this is on top of what we saw from chrysler which got a surprise gain in september compared to expectations.

Our automobile editor is in detroit.

Jamie, what is going on, where is this momentum coming from?

We are seeing good sales in full-size pickups from ford and chrysler today.

They have also had some success on the car side.

Ford had a big month with the fusion and the fiesta.

Focus was also up.

Trucks and cars as well.

How does all of this -- what does this mean as the government shutdown continues, what does this mean for the auto industry?

Will we see this momentum falter?

That is what we will find out.

This has certainly been a surprise so far.

The expectation was the first down month in 20 months.

Maybe automakers have bigger decline than analysts estimated, but we will have to see, going forward, if the shutdown last a long time, if it becomes a debt ceiling issue, it could affect consumer confidence.

Did we see this happen two years ago when we had the debt ceiling fight?

We would have to double check on that.

I know in 1996 when there was the government shutdown, there was a dip in sales.

After that, it was resolved.

Big gains after.

On ford, there has been so much speculation on senior management and whether or not, mullally was in the running for the job at microsoft.

Do you feel something is about to change at ford?

Not particularly.

Alan mullally has been on the hook through 2014. that is still the plan officially.

It would have to be microsoft's move to make, but for has been working for years to develop their executive bench.

Mark fields has been groomed for this job for many years.

Joe hendricks has developed his skills.

They have a strong bench.

They are ready for whatever comes down.

Thank you for joining us, jamie.

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