Ford Battles Toyota for America’s Favorite Car

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Aug. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Matt Miller and Craig Trudell discuss the battle between Toyota and Ford over the title for America’s favorite car in "On The Markets." (Source: Bloomberg)

Craig, thank you for joining us.

Let's talk about what is going on there.

You are saying ford open up a in a mustang plant to make more fusions because they cannot meet demand.

That is right.

You are coming into town later this week.

This plant, the back story, this used to be a plant where they made cars with mazda.

That partnership is gone away with the one ford strategy.

It is been making just mustangs for some time now.

But ford can use some extra capacity to make fusions because they are gaining ground on camry.

What they're making up this ground, they're also selling these fusions for quite a bit more than what camrys are selling for.

I noticed the sales growth numbers trailing off and then i realized it's because they cannot make enough to meet demand.

I they can outsell camry when this is set up?

Toyota has had that title for so long.

It has been more than one decade, actually.

I think one of the quotes you will find in the story today is the idea that may be trying to go for camry volume is a foolish . even after this line is added, they should ball a little bit short in terms of being able to produce camry, but if they are able to boost production and get even closer but still maintain that pricing ability to charge a premium over camera, then that is good business for four to be in.

It is a $2000 premium, i believe the difference of the cost and average.

It has been such a successful car.

You expect toyota to try to come back somehow?

I know we are going to detroit tomorrow to meet the new u.s. ceo.



I reporter out in los angeles who covers toyota for us has asked toyota about this in terms of what is their response.

They are acknowledging at this point that the competition in that midsize segment where you have the accord, too, which was recently redesigned, it has gotten competitive.

And the malibu is that size, but in politics -- impala s are also a sedan getting rave reviews.

They are answering questions about that now.

Thank you so much.

I will see you soon.

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