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Nov. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Edmund Lee reports that Forbes Media is working with Deutsche Bank to consider its options on a sale of Forbes Magazine and looks at the perspective market for the publication. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

Sale of the century old magazine.

That is according to people with knowledge of the matter.

Emily is one of the reporters that broke the story.

They are putting themselves up for sale.

Have been in a turnaround mode for many years.

It finally hit profitability in the last few years.

He felt it was a good time to get out there.

If they get what they want, how much might they sell for?

They are seeking as much as $400 million.

A could be as little as $200 million.

The problem with that is that is -- it is much lower than the elevation the cayman 2006. -- that came in in 2006. even if they get the $400 million that is far below are what they were valued at.

Bono's firm, tech investors.

It is probably hurting them a little bit.

The have turned it around.

Define a turn it around.

In 2008 in 2009 there were problematic for a while.

And they started doing native advertising on their website to great effect.

And now they're finally profitable.

They have made a go of it.

What are you getting?

It is a great franchise.

They do their billionaires index.

They are known for that.

They have a few other titles they published in asia and europe.

Are they selling all of that?

They are letting go.

It is conceivable that the forbes family will have no stake in it at all once the sale happens.

You say that with a very defeated tone in your voice.

It is a storied brand.

Forbes has to be one of the most powerful media executives in this town.

It was iconic in terms of wealth and all of its triumphs.

Building on 5th avenue.

They are just leasing like a lot of other magazines these days.

So it is in name only.

If anyone buys it, i am sure they are going to want to hold on to the name.

Chances are they will not be associated with it anymore.

There you go.

They compete with bloomberg and bloomberg business.

Competitor that is the perils of being times have changed

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