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Oct. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Former General Motors Chief Marketing Officer Joel Ewanick discusses his tenure at the company with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

About whether placing ads on facebook could help sell more products.

It also point in the spotlight at one individual, the gm marketing chief.

Jon erlichman has more.

He has kept a relatively low profile since leaving general motors last year.

He is now a minting new director with a consulting firm.

He is with us for a rare interview.

Joel, thanks for joining us.

For the record, could you tell us more about what led to your departure from general motors?

Jon, do we have enough time for that this morning?

[laughter] the gist of it is this.

You take on a marketing job at a company the likes of general motors, 155 billion dollar company, in the middle of bankruptcy and ipo, and the expectations are huge.

Expectations on the person running the marketing department are gigantic.

I cannot tell you the pressure you feel.

It is an all absorbing kind of job.

At the end of the day, it was going well for the first 12 months to 18 months, but they stop buying what i was selling.

I was pushing really hard change.

That is my style.

When they hired me, i was hired by ed whitaker and mark reuss, to drive change and do things differently, call things out that i thought needed to be changed.

At one point, after the ipo, i think they stopped buying what i had to sell.

At the end of the day, zero resentment.

I went into this with my eyes wide open, i knew what i was getting into.

Everyone that was a mentor to me warned me, this is what you have to it's back.

-- expect.

Talking about thinking differently, you made headlines for those comments on facebook as before the ipo, but your to has changed.

A year later, what can you tell us about the effectiveness of facebook ads, as you see it?

The social space is constantly evolving.

For this industry, the automotive industry, it is hard to keep pace.

At the time we made a decision, it was the right decision for general motors.

We took the money out of advertising and put it into content, which was the suggestion being made by facebook.

At the time, they're mobile applications were not up and running yet and we were looking at launching a couple of cars.

We needed something more urgent than that.

So we drove into content.

The ads at the time were not the right thing for us.

It is unfortunate that the announcement came when it did.

We were not trying to hurt facebook, i was not trying to hurt facebook.

It was just unfortunate the way it came out.

It was the right thing to do at the time.

But if we were making a decision today, we would probably make a different decision.

Facebook is great for certain applications, but there are other things happening.

With her is clearly another alternative, a completely different set of circumstances.

If you were the gm cmo today and were asked about the effectiveness of ads in the context of twitter, what would you say?

They are different.

The more you understand the fundamental differences between facebook or other social platforms versus twitter, twitter is in the moment.

For a marketer, if you use it correctly, it is a wonderful tool for getting the people in a moment.

You capture them when they are doing something, when they want to engage other people.

Some of the other tools are more passive.

I was it's lady to someone yesterday, the way i look at twitter, we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of kurt gibson hitting a homerun run in the world series.

I remember watching that and wanting to share that moment with somebody.

30 years ago, there was no way to do it.

It was a big thing.

A day before, i was watching the red sox game, and bib papi, the game is about to go down -- big papi, the game is about to go down, and he hits a grand slam to win the game.

I am sending video from all around the world.

We have all of his engagement with dozens of people and it was a wonderful moment.

They are fundamentally different tools.

For a marketer to take advantage of that moment in time is huge.

50 million people claim to be on at any given moment on twitter.

If you, as a marketer, can grab that moment, it is huge.

We are using tools today -- twitter is doing things differently.

There is a company out there that allows you to make almost a homepage within twitter.

That allows a marketer to get involved in that moment of time without interrupting and ruining the moment.

There are ways to do it.

The upside for twitter is huge.

At the end of the day, if a chief marketing officer right now had to make a decision between an ad on twitter and an ad on facebook, what would you say?

Clearly depends on what they are trying to do.

If you are trying to launch a car, trying to do something this weekend, you have a big tv campaign breaking, i would use twitter as a way to magnify that exposure you have on television.

It is not the only thing you would do, for sure, but it magnifies everything you are doing around it.

I would look for these other tools that twitter has.

It allows you to get into the fire hose and get all the tweets.

There are ways to do this.

That is a great tool.

Facebook could work in other

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